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When recuperating, Shanghai always feels that four eyes are cast on him from time to time. With his keen perception, he can naturally perceive that these eyes are naturally Ming Yuyan, as well as Fei Shengyu and the two servants. The former is okay. With curiosity and a kind of probing.

Understand! Ling Zhantian nodded quickly.Soon!The chunky old man ignored him, turned back and walked towards the city of God.Ling Zhantian followed closely with everyone.Who is this old man? Why is he such a badass? Ling Xuanbiao said in a somewhat displeased voice.Fourth old man, Xiu wants to talk nonsense, this old man is the messenger of the temple, if we offend him, we will be in trouble. Ling Xuanhao shouted.It turned out to be the messenger of the temple… Ling Xuanbiao immediately closed his mouth in pity.Regarding the temple, Shanghai had heard from the third brother before coming to Shanghai that it was the highest main hall of the ancient gods, and the messengers of the temple were selected from the branches of the ancient gods. The main hall represented the interests of all branches. Determine the many major events of the ancient Protoss.It can be said that among the ancient gods, the temple is the highest existence.The eighth brother, the sixth uncle was also the messenger of the temple in the past. said the third brother Ling Xuanhao.Father is also the messenger of the temple? Shanghai was a little surprised.Yeah! It\’s also the third temple envoy from our Lingshen line, and it\’s also the silver envoy. Ling Xuanhao nodded.Silver Order Messenger?The messengers in the temple are also divided into five levels: unranked, bronze, silver, gold, and sky. Each level has a special division, which represents the status in the temple. The messenger in front of you is inaccessible. Class.When Ling Xuanhao said this, he paused, \”Hey, if it weren\’t for Liu Shu\’s disappearance for many years, his temple messenger identity would not be taken back.\”What are the benefits of being a temple messenger? Shanghai asked curiously.Of course there are benefits. It is said that the higher the level of the messenger, the more chances it will be to enter the cultivation ground of the gods to understand. If you reach the level of the heavenly messenger, you can enter and leave any place in the god city at will, no one dares to stop it. In addition, you can also enjoy the cultivation resources that everyone envy. Ling Xuanhao said.Then how can I become a temple messenger? Shanghai continued to ask.Participating in the Hundred Clan Conference and entering the top ten will have a chance to get a place to participate in the envoy assessment, but the chance of passing is extremely low, even if it is ranked first, it may not have this opportunity. Ling Xuanhao said.As the two were spreading their voices, the group had already stepped into the city of God.

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