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Where is this?

Without speaking, Huang Zhizun trembled slightly, and the five kinds of divine flames emerged, each of which contained extreme heat, and even the standing ground was burned to soften. If the previous one was the same If the ice does not melt for thousands of years, it is now a scorching sun, and the changes between the two have come too quickly and too suddenly.In addition, the divine power that emerged from his body, even the lonely arrow healed on one side, was shocked.The five sacred fire bodies…Except for the female elders of the Phoenix clan, the rest of the top powerhouses were all surprised, and the hope that had disappeared was suddenly restored.In the distant ages, the Phoenix Clan had also come out of these five types of divine fire bodies, and the strength was far superior to those of the same generation. He was known as the Five Fire God Emperors. In this column, such a character is extremely rare in the Great Wilderness World, and such a case will only occur in countless years.Such a person, as long as he does not perish, it will not be difficult for him to become the Third World Lord in the future, and to directly seek the ranks of the gods.Looking at Huang Zhizun, the other three tribes can’t help but feel a little bit irritated. If it weren’t for this time the vast star realm powerhouses invaded, as long as the Huang Zhizun grows up in a few thousand years, the Phoenix tribe will probably replace the ancient gods and become The first of the four families in the wilderness.Five kinds of sacred fire and one body… Are the five flames indestructible… Interesting, there will be someone like you in this abandoned world. The monster man\’s eyes condensed slightly, his originally casual look became serious.\” Go ahead and let me see how you can stand.\”chant!Without saying more, Huang Zhizun casually moved, and the five sacred fires condensed on the palm of his right hand and turned into a five-flame spear.kill!Huang Zhizun stabs in the air.It\’s a simple straight stabbing. There are no magical skills contained in it. There are only five burning divine flames. Many strong people frown, are they trying?However, at this moment, the top powerhouses were solemn, because they saw some clues, but they couldn’t see clearly. Only the female elder of the Phoenix clan showed a slight smile, because she knew very well that this was a god peculiar to the Phoenix clan. Skill, named Huang Pecking.This move is similar to the ordinary attack and kill method, but the mystery and power contained in it are not the same.Shanghai\’s eyes condensed slightly, and with its powerful perception, he could see through the true mystery of this trick at a glance.Huang Zhizun deserves to be the top young strong in the four races alliance. This move contains tens of thousands of changes. All the power is concentrated in one point. When the move is made, it is impossible to detect it at all. It is even more difficult to perceive the weak. See the essence of this trick.Shanghai couldn\’t help but secretly praised it. The power of this trick was comparable to the power of his full use of the gate of out……The divine spear condensed by the five great divine fires came to the monster man.

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