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Jian Xi\’s powerful divine consciousness has heard the dialogue clearly, but they have not noticed it at all. Jian Xi has a bottom now. His divine consciousness must be at least in the later stage of Yuanying, otherwise, these people can\’t have noticed it.

In the end, Shanghai suppressed the idea of ​​using Wanyao Aurora. Facing this mortal blow, his heart was surprisingly calm, perhaps because he had experienced too many catastrophes. In the face of catastrophes, he Already have the calmness that the rest of the strong can\’t have.The calm and stagnant mood gave Shanghai a feeling of being out of the way, as if it were from the perspective of an outsider.Suddenly, from the corner of Shanghai\’s eyes, he caught a glimpse of the blood gate.That place… Shanghai\’s eyes flickered.The power of the six attacks and killings came from all directions. How fast are the six killers, and they have reached more than five hundred out!Shanghai is leaving!Under the extreme speed, the speed reached 480 times in an instant. This was the speed he increased after comprehending the Samsara III\’s artistic conception. This speed was already very fast at the same level.Not enough, speed up…Shenwei shocked, and Shanghai accelerated with all its strength, and the speed increased again, reaching 500 times the speed, but this was only able to keep up with the speed of the six killers. It was impossible to get rid of them. The fierce murderous intent stimulated his nerves. The feeling of suffocation of death keeps hitting his face.Still not enough… Shanghai desperately urged, but the speed can only hover at 500 times the speed limit, unable to reach higher.There was a chill in Shanghai\’s heart. If this were the case, he would undoubtedly die…You have to constantly improve your own speed, five hundred times the speed of the world, is it the limit of the three-world master\’s reincarnation artistic conception?No, for others, it may be the limit, but not for myself. My body is fully capable of withstanding higher speeds.The six killers were erratic, like ghosts.Ghost…airflow?Shanghai was keenly aware that although the six assassins had weird physiques, they still aroused some airflows. These airflows were extremely weird and did not stop the assassins. Instead, they seemed to be drawn over by their bodies and then released through their bodies.Blocked space airflow, It has become a boost.

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