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\”Yes! Ignoring this can only make the demon sect more arrogant and feed the tiger\”

I\’ll wait for a long time. Lord Lin Chen, please come with me. However, this forbidden item… The leader of the God Realm powerhouse looked at the Wujin Evil Beast with some embarrassment.It will stay here. Shanghai said.Thank you, Lin Chen, for understanding the dilemma. The leader of God\’s Domain is grateful.Thank you fellow daoists to lead the way.Master Lin Chen is polite.The head of the Gods Domain powerhouse was full of respect and awe. It’s no wonder that he had seen Shanghai take action three days ago. At that time, he was defeated by one hundred against a hundred. The scene of repelling the top one hundred powerhouses like a world-class war god made him a lifetime. Unforgettable, he couldn\’t imagine that someone of his generation could have such a terrifying ability.Surrounded by hundreds of experts in the realm of gods, the three people in Shanghai quickly arrived at the residence where Mu Xuezong was located.Although both are God\’s Lincheng, Taixuyu\’s God\’s Lincheng is obviously much larger.Your Excellency is Lin Chen?A light voice came from the city, and only one beautiful girl in a cyan gauze came in, followed by four young girls, both in shape and appearance, they are quite outstanding, and There is also a special fairy temperament all over his body.Exactly. Shanghai nodded.I\’m next to Yuhuan, disciple of the Xuezong Sect, and I am here to meet Master Lin Chen on the order of Senior Sister Xing. The girl named Yuhuan smiled slightly. When she noticed the two daughters of Ming Yuyan on the side, she couldn\’t help being slightly astonished. Unexpectedly, Shanghai has such stunning confidantes, and there are still two, and these two women have completely different temperaments, neither of which is rare in the world.This made Yu Huan and other women who thought they looked good were quite a blow, but after all they came from such a big power as Mu Xue Sect, and soon recovered.I\’m troubled by Yuhuan Taoist friends. Shanghai slightly arched his hands.Three please!Yuhuan nodded, and then led the way ahead.After entering the city, the group went directly to the main hall where Mu Xuezong was located, which was the main city of Taixuyu God\’s Lincheng.Lin ChenLord, Senior Sister Star, and the top powerhouses of the gods are already inside. \”Yu Huan pointed to the hall.Um!

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