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\”Well,\” Jane Xi understood what Shen Hongyan thought, so she didn\’t refuse, so she followed shopkeeper LV through the back door corridor to a flower hall, ordered the boy to pour tea, and then asked the mountain directly: \”I don\’t know what pills you want to sell, and what\’s the grade?\”

Kaka…The Hongmeng Holy Knife shattered, and a big hand was printed on Honglie\’s chest.boom……A huge explosion came, Honglie was slapped and flew out, Qiqiao sprayed out blood, and his body smashed into a corner of the main hall, and his body fell soft and collapsed to the ground. The whole person was completely lost. The power of war.what……Yilan and others were shocked.At this time they noticed outside the entrance of the main hall, just because of the Shanghai body blocking them, they did not see the outside situation, but now looking again, they found that there are many powerful gods lying outside the hall, these people are either lying on the ground and constantly twitching , Or have already lost interest.The seven main halls outside collapsed for the most part, and there was chaos everywhere. From the entrance of the station to this place, the originally straight avenue, like a deep trench plowed by the giant arms of the gods, spreads from the entrance to this place. Full of cracks, it was shockedly shattered by a powerful force.Are these all made in Shanghai?The hearts of Yilan and the others were beating violently. Just looking at the scene outside, they could imagine what it was like at that time.After Shanghai arrived here, it broke through the city gate, and walked straight forward like a god or devil. A large number of powerful people from the gods came from everywhere, but they were rushed out by the powerful force, just like bursting. The blasting stones fell everywhere.From the entrance to this place calmly, Shanghai has never deviated from the direction from beginning to end, and it is difficult for the strong who killed to shake one of them…What happened in these two short months?Yilan and others vaguely remember that Shanghai’s performance in the attendant assessment that day was amazing, but it was still within their comprehension, but after only two months, Shanghai’s current capabilities and performance have exceeded their imagination. Outside.It is completely different, if two people are different, it is simply not enough to describe Shanghai at this moment. He is simply a terrible evildoer. He has advanced to this level by leaps and bounds in two months. So be it.Shenlong\’s smile froze instantly, his eyes pierced with shock, looking at Shanghai in front of him, his original confidence disappeared a lot, and there was a little inexplicable uneasiness in his heart. For the first time in Shanghai, he felt a sense of it. The stock is enough to threaten his breath.Chapter 0976 bad newsAfter thinking of his breakthrough, Shenlong suppressed the inexplicable anxiety. His own breakthrough was a result of hundreds of years of accumulation. No matter how Shanghai breaks through, he has only just reached the level of the second world respect. It\’s a lot worse.Since you are running to find your way to death, then I will let you do what you want, capture you first, and then deal with you slowly, so that you regret coming to this world.Just halfway through Shenlong\’s words, the whole body rises with vast powers, and the second worldzun\’s reincarnation mood emerges. This is the highest he can reach. The strength is several times stronger than before the breakthrough, and his body changes. , Like a god, grabbed and photographed with one hand.

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