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Then there is the huge bone in front of her, which is not used. Although the thunder beast is very powerful, it is undeniable that it is not the most advanced monster. There are a lot of impurities in both blood and bones. What Jane Xi needs to do is to refine the purest bone. She doesn\’t want to, because of the bone, It will affect the way of Jin Jie of God of war in the future. If you do, you must do your best.

The white-clothed man moved like a mighty thunder, and the void completely sank. With a wave of his right hand, a sharp light that astounded the world rose to the sky and turned into a simple and simple blue giant sword, full of this sword. The power of Canggu.chant……As soon as the Bijian came out, the world suddenly changed.Shanghai looked at the jasper giant sword that appeared, his face suddenly dignified, and his heart moved. The eight Primordial puppets that had formed a battle immediately displayed all their defenses and power, and the tornado more than doubled.boom……The large array of Primordial puppets was completely cut open by the Bijian on the spot. Eight Primordial puppets were shaken out on the spot, and smashed fiercely above the barrier. Each of the Primordial puppets was covered with a large number of cracks. Some cracks extended from the head to the abdomen, almost cutting open the Primordial strike!After defeating the Primordial Puppet Array, everyone\’s gazes at the white-clothed man completely changed. Those who hadn\’t paid much attention to them were full of awe at this moment.What kind of magic is this… the power is so terrifying. Chi Xing trembled.Prime magic…Killing said in a deep voice: \”If I am not mistaken, this should be the famous ancient magical skill of the Tianzhanzong-Bixuan Ancient Sword.\”The Heavenly Battle Sect… the power of the Primordial Divine Skills is too terrible… The strong men of the Tianchen Alliance couldn\’t help but breathe in the air, but they saw the power of the eight Primordial puppets forming the puppet formation, and easily killed them. Twenty thousand gods domain powerhouse.Even if they did not form a large array of puppets, the combination of the eight Primordial puppets would be extremely terrifying. Shanghai had taken a shot at that time, and it was impossible to defeat one of them. In the end, they had to use the puppet barren pattern to get the puppet patterns on the eight Primordial puppets. Chaos, only to subdue it.The man in front of the Heavenly Zhanzong surnamed him with a single blow to the ancient magical skill to blast away the puppet formation. The terrifying strength of this person has far exceeded everyone\’s expectations.The Primordial Divine Skills also have cultivation bases and levels far surpassing their peers. This is the terrifying aspect of the Heavenly Top Divine Sect in the lower level of God\’s Domain… Tai Xun murmured.Although he is a powerful person in the reincarnation mood of the four worlds, he is very clear that even if this man has descended to one level and is in the same realm of cultivation, he is still in the top ranks, not to mention that this person has realized the five. Blessed One\’s reincarnation level of artistic conception.The Taikoo puppets were not damaged, but they were quite badly broken. Shanghai casually shot out all the remaining puppet patterns. Except for the more broken locations, the rest of the place quickly recovered, but the Taikoo puppet formation was unable to continue. NS.Of course, the Taikoo puppets can still continue to fight.As Shanghai\’s heart moved, the eight Primordial puppets stood up, without the slightest pain, they would never know what fear is. As long as their bodies are not completely broken or killed by bombardment, then they will continue. The battle goes on.This is the terrifying aspect of the Taikoo puppets on the battlefield. Some top-level Taikoo puppets can even turn the tide of the battle at a critical moment.

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