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Chapter 372 conflicts

now!The Vast Sky Sacred Sect is already the head of the great wasteland. Not only the influence, but also their combat power are unmatched by all forces. What\’s more terrifying is that it spread to the rest of the small world, a big feast. All the people in charge of tens of thousands of small worlds came to congratulate with their treasures…What kind of influence is this? The top forces of the Four Wilderness Regions cannot be guessed at all, but it is certain that from now on, the Great Wilderness World will be controlled by the Vast Sky Saint Sect, and there will be no power to fight and match with it. NS.Si Feixuan stared at Shanghai blankly. Although she had become a holy lord and was at the same level as Shanghai, she could not see through Shanghai. Standing not far away from him was like facing a majestic and insurmountable one. Like Shigetake…Sect Master Lin is polite.Yes, Sect Master Lin doesn\’t need to be so polite.Congratulations to Sect Master Lin for the breakthrough. All those in charge stood up, smiling and arching their hands. Although it was not the first time to see Shanghai, every time they saw it, they were shocked. With their realm, they were unable to see through Shanghai\’s capabilities. This surprised them, but thinking about the breakthrough in Shanghai that day, They were relieved.Seniors, please! Shanghai made a please gesture.Senior Gods of the Heaven Realm——Senior Single Bones are here! The voice of singing came.Gods…The top forces in the four realms of the Great Wilderness shook suddenly. Although they knew that Zhonghuang had come to help the gods, they didn\’t expect that the gods would come to congratulate them, and they would come in person. How great is the face of Shanghai?Not only the four realms of the Great Wilderness, but even the masters of tens of thousands of small worlds are quite surprised. What level of gods are? Even if it was this time, it was because of the strong invitation of the younger generations, most of which were invited by the gods of the wood world.With the identity of these gods, even those who are in charge of tens of thousands of small worlds do not have the ability to invite them. I didn\’t expect gods to come to congratulate them.Could it be…Is there a god that values ​​Shanghai\’s qualifications and intends to accept it as a disciple?This idea is recognized by many leaders. Although the gods accept very few disciples, they will accept them. If you really see the younger generation with strong aptitude, they will really accept them as disciples.Thinking of this, many people in charge turned their eyes on Shanghai with envy. Although they are valuable powerhouses at the World-Honored level, they are far away from becoming gods. After all, not every small world will have gods. Under the guidance, it is extremely difficult to become a god.It\’s a good thing to be valued by the gods.Haha… Brother Lin, someone alone is late, sorry, sorry. Accompanied by hearty laughter, an old man with messy hair rushed in, and the spirit of the spirit instantly converged.but!

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