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\”Please teach me brother Shangguan\” was a little nervous. At this time, cherry whispered these words very soft and waxy. If other men listened to this slightly coquettish words, they would like to hold her in their arms and pity her, but her performance has made shangguanbo feel sick.

Shanghai sighed and didn\’t think any further. Instead, he penetrated the three jade slips into his mind and glanced roughly. Yes, it was the missing fifth and eighth layers that surprised him even more. , There was even a ninth layer of Tiangang Divine Art in it, and it was not blank, but had a real inheritance.But!In the records of Tiangang Sect, isn’t the ninth-level Tiangang God Jue that even the first generation of the real master Tiangang who created this method has never been able to break it? Why is there a ninth layer of Heavenly Gang Divine Art in it now? This shocked Shanghai…If it weren’t for the exchange of goods here, Shanghai would definitely open it up to see what happened, but he still suppressed his inner thoughts, and then quickly walked through the exchange of goods, costing some money, and purchasing two refined products. The main material of the primary barren pattern.After all this was done, Shanghai left a message to Sen Luo in Transsion Stone, and left the Exchange Hall alone and returned to their residence along the way.Kaka…All enchantments were opened. After all this was done, Shanghai took out five jade slips and carefully placed them on the ground. Then his mind was thrown into the ninth jade slip. As soon as he touched it, his mind slammed back. The color of surprise appeared on it.This is later engraved by the real Tiangang… Shanghai\’s heart was slightly shaken. But in the jade slips of Tiangang Sect, didn\’t it say that the real person of Tiangang had already passed away? Why are you still alive? And also came to the lower heaven of God\’s Domain.Want to continue to detect, but was blocked.It seems that if you want to know everything, you must first practice and complete the fifth to eighth levels of Tiangang Divine Art… Shanghai Xindao said that it was blocked because of restrictions.Chapter 1195 Divine SenseShanghai did not rush to practice, but took out all the materials of the two primary barren patterns. These two primary barren patterns are called the sky barren pattern and the law-breaking barren pattern. The former contains strong defense and the latter. It possesses the power of breaking the law and ranks among the top among the primary barren patterns.The wild pattern is out of the furnace!I have practiced the technique that I don’t know how many times, and I am extremely proficient. Shanghai just tossed it, merged the two materials separately, and then quickly sealed it. After all the basic barren patterns were refined, Shanghai’s mind was greatly improved. Also when refining these basic barren patterns, the effort spent was reduced a lot.Almost exhausted, Shanghai finished the seal carving of the two rudiments of the primary barren patterns, and put them in the sacred furnace of barren patterns at the same time.If it weren’t for the sacred furnace of wild patterns, let alone refining the two primary wild patterns, even one of them would be quite difficult. It is precisely because of the existence of this thing that he was so relieved that the prototype sent in would slowly be in the wild. With the development of Wenshen Furnace, the shape is finalized step by step, and there is no need to worry about anything in Shanghai on the way.After doing all this, Shanghai put the sacred furnace of wild patterns into his body, and then he was calm and calm.Three hours later!Part of Shanghai’s mind has been restored, and his eyes slowly opened. Looking at the five jade slips below, he immediately plunged his mind into the fifth layer, using the same method of gang consciousness, but the fifth layer is to make gang consciousness again. Condensed to a certain extent.Most of the first four levels are focused on condensing Gang Consciousness, and the fifth level is also condensing… Shanghai frowned slightly, and a bold idea emerged from the bottom of his heart. Maybe the rest were teaching how to do it. Let the Gang Consciousness be more condensed, right?

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