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\”Oh\” although Hua linger is arrogant and domineering, it doesn\’t mean that she is really a fool and can\’t understand anything. It\’s only when jealousy causes trouble that they do that kind of unreasonable things. However, how many children who grow up in that family are really simple minded? Shangguanbo\’s attitude towards her has been very illustrative.

Mu Wanran, hand over that thing, it\’s not what you deserve.Qi Xie looked directly at Mu Wanran, and the corner of her mouth swept a high arc, \”You should know that you can\’t beat our Evil King Shrine on your own. For you, I am very curious about how you use that. Some things, that are the Horcruxes that survived the ancient times, ordinary people can\’t use them at all…but you can use some…\”That thing is not something you can master… Mu Wanran said slowly: \”The Evil King Divine Palace intends to obtain this thing, and it will never end well in the future. This is not something that belongs to you, it belongs to only one person. , Only that person can control it.\”Speaking of the back, her beautiful eyes revealed the color of remembrance, which seemed to be a long and unforgettable event that she would never forget.More than two thousand years ago, she was only eight years old and had not yet joined the Muxue Sect. In the lower heavens of God\’s Domain, she was a member of all living beings, but she met a person who could affect her life. That person was just a child of the same age. , But she possesses the wisdom she can\’t understand.He told her that the two had a great relationship in the previous life, so after returning to life this time, he came to help her get out of the predicament in front of her and left her with one thing, that special Horcrux.After holding this thing, Mu Wanran joined Mu Xuezong. From the beginning of an ordinary disciple, she quickly grew up. After more than two thousand years, she finally reached the level of a god-general and opened up some memories of her previous life. Although there were only fragments, she finally knew who the child she had met was.Hahaha… the seven evil spirits raised their heads and laughed wildly, and their voice stopped abruptly, \”Joke, you can use it, why can\’t I wait for it, Mu Wanran, you can\’t control this thing at all, leave it to me. As for you, The young master will come to marry you as his wife, how about?\”You? Mu Wanran shook her head.I\’m not worthy? Qixie noticed the indifference in Mu Wanran\’s beautiful eyes. The feeling was like a high-ranked person watching a low-ranked person. This feeling made him quite uncomfortable. He was One of the inheritors of the Evil King Shrine, is there any point that is not worthy of Mu Wanran?Although he is only a high-level god, he has only cultivated for more than a thousand years. It will not be difficult for him to become a god general or a high-level god general. Mu Wanran actually looked down on him.Smelly woman, do you really think I can\’t help you?Qixie became angry and became angry, \”Since you don\’t want to hand it over, the young master will personally come and take it. When it falls into the hands of this young master, you will definitely regret it, and the evil god will catch her for me.\”boom……Cthulhu exploded the black mist on his body, and a huge body emerged, strong and sturdy, covered with weird blood-colored lines, each of them contained extremely terrifying power, and the appearance of the Cthulhu General Becoming extremely hideous, the blood-colored cloak danced like flames.In an instant, the Cthulhu will make a move, turning into a strange blood glow and rushing away. Upon seeing Mu Wanran, her delicate body moved slightly, and countless ice and snow covered her body, rising into the sky.Boom boom boom…The blood glow and the ice and snow continue to collide and interweave, erupting into earth-shaking aftermath.How terrifying is the power inspired by the battle between the gods, countless palaces collapsed, and the powerful who had already retreated to the distance were rushed out by the aftermath. Even the top-tier gods had to use their power to resist this amazing aftermath, some The strong face has turned pale, and those who retreat far away don\’t dare to get too close, lest they be harmed.The sky is falling apart!

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