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\”OK, withdraw the array. Let\’s go out. In another hour, it will be dawn,\” Qi Jiehan said.

call out……God will plunder up.Here… Shanghai\’s expression was tense.Snapped……The god slapped a palm out, and the evil spirit of Jiuyou surged like a tornado, and the airflow was compressed to the extreme. Shanghai only felt a suffocation in his chest, and then his throat swelled, and a puff of blood overflowed from the corner of his mouth. He had been suppressed. Qi Jin was shocked.Can\’t stop…Shanghai could feel that he couldn\’t stop this palm at all. The divine power in his body had been completely exhausted, and at this moment the evil spirit of Jiuyou began to invade his body, constantly eroding his body, if it weren\’t for the ancient demon\’s Eucharist. Defend, I am afraid he has been completely eroded at this moment.Facing this desperate blow, Shanghai\’s whole body trembled violently. At the moment of life and death, an unimaginable power suddenly appeared on the head, and that one-third of the sacred marrow was melted away. , And the power contained in this one-third of the spirit of Taiyan was incredibly powerful.Bang!The power of the spirit of Taiyan penetrated into the limbs and veins of Shanghai. The empty body was absorbing these powers frantically. After a while, he was filled with this power. There was no place in the whole body that was not untouched. Power is flooding.boom……Like a frenzy, Shanghai\’s body exploded, and the eyes burst out with two brilliant lights, the world\’s reincarnation conception emerged, endless layers continued to overlap, and finally a layer was formed. This is the world\’s reincarnation conception. The ultimate appearance of this realm.Suck… suck…The whole body was absorbing this power frantically, Shanghai Zhihai was slightly shaken, and the whole person seemed to have experienced a special sublimation. He broke through again and reached the peak of the Fourth World Zun, and his whole body burst out with a more powerful power. It is more than a hundred times stronger than before.The endless flow of the power of the spirit of Taiyan made Shanghai feel painful all over, and there was a feeling of discomfort if it was not released completely.Faintly, the spirit moved.Taishi nine styles, six styles come out!In an instant, Shanghai played the first six forms at once. The entire passage was completely distorted. The Thunder Spear skyrocketed by an unknown number of times. The original black spear body suddenly brightened, and the Nine Nether Spiritual Qi in the passage was completely shocked. On both sides.Broken!The palm that the god general blasted was directly shredded, and the whole person was completely pierced by the thunder spear from the shoulder to the leg. Even for the god general, these injuries were extremely serious injuries.

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