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\”We will go out to work for the family in three days. I\’m afraid we can\’t go with you anymore.\” a voice sounded behind shangguanbo.

This scene shocked the Deacon Song who was preparing for the killer, because this is a phenomenon that high-ranking gods can only have the power to feed back. Such a phenomenon would actually appear in Shanghai. Could it be that this son has broken through from the gods to the point. High-level gods?impossible……In less than a quarter of an hour, it is absolutely impossible to jump to two realms again and again.The Thunder God\’s Spear is straight high in the sky, and Shanghai is filled with terrifying power, which is full of the essence of Tai Yan, the power of the body, the 12,000 envoys and the seal of ascending immortality, as well as the three thousand refining wild patterns, and the primary wild patterns themselves. The power is extremely powerful, not to mention the extremely rare true dragon crying bloodstone in it.SandaowanRefining desolate patterns is just used only with a physique like Shanghai, and ordinary people can\’t bear it even if they use one.Wan Lian Huang Wen, the so-called Wan Lian, means constant condensing, through ten thousand times of tempering one\’s own power, even the weakest power will be refined into a very high level of power in an instant, not to mention the power used in Shanghai , Every one is not weak.呲呲…Countless small blood-red thunders spread to the whole body of Shanghai through the thunder spear. At that moment, a trace of spirituality contained in it was actually in harmony with his mind. This is when the power reaches a certain level, it is inspired The power of the Thunder God Spear.boom……If it doesn’t move, it’s shaking the earth. In an area of ​​a million li, the power contained in the earth composed of gods has been exhausted. Shanghai has disappeared. At the same time, it is the Thunder Spear that has disappeared. Thunder, the directly torn void killed Deacon Song.Wherever he went, all enchantments, including everything, were crushed into fly ash, and there was nothing left.Even the large defensive enchantment of Qingyin Palace was drawn out and directly manifested.Under the terrifying power of attack and killing, the nine paths and one sun were extinct, and Deacon Song\’s expression changed drastically. Seeing the thunder killing him, he could not avoid it. He seemed to be imprisoned all over his body, unable to move even a bit. I can only watch the thunder blast coming.stop it now!There was a trembling drink, accompanied by the lingering sounds of the heavens, among the nine days, a beautiful shadow appeared out of the sky, and the breath of the overwhelming god king emerged. It was the palace lord of the Qingyin Palace, Ji Ya, who followed closely behind. There are a group of high-level officials in Qingyin Palace, as well as two chief deacons.The sound wave surged, but it was still too late.呲…The Thunder God Spear pierced Deacon Song’s head and nailed him fiercely to a huge stone pillar behind. Then the stone pillar exploded, and Deacon Song’s vitality was completely wiped out…Chapter 1332 Elder Situ

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