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Jane Xi smiled and nodded at the concerned little face not far away, and then quietly waited for others to finish. During this period, some people have discarded the medicinal materials in the purification process. They purify them one by one, and then purify the second one. If one of each medicinal material is successful, it is qualified.

Hearing that, the look of the high-ranking god king Li\’s surname became uncertain, but he didn\’t know how to speak and threaten these three old guys? These three old guys killed more than ten god kings in the four imperial palaces more than fifty years ago. At that time, the high-ranking god kings who left the surname were vivid.Others are afraid of the four imperial palaces, but these three old guys may not be afraid.It\’s tricky…The surnamed high-ranking god king did not expect that the three old guys, the crazy old man, would suddenly come out, making him miss the opportunity to kill Shanghai and others, especially in Shanghai. This child is only at the level of the fifth world noble, and has already performed this way. The terrifying power of attack and kill is already there, and if it grows up, it will be worth it.And he has already understood that the nearly a thousand powerhouses in front of him belong to the four imperial palaces and the eight heavenly temples. Although each qualification is not the highest, it is not bad. If they can all grow up in the future, at least they will There will be more than a dozen who will become the king of gods.These people are all swearing to follow the silver-white haired boy in front of them, and they can be followed by nearly a thousand powerful people with excellent qualifications. The courage of this boy can be imagined.Although Shanghai and others have not yet threatened the Four Great Palaces, it is difficult to be sure in the future. For the Four Great Palaces, even if they have any signs, they must be stifled. The King of God has no chance to start at all.Just as the high-ranking god king was helpless, a magnificent voice seemed to come out of the sky, \”The spirit of the Six Profound God Venerable has not diminished back then. I wonder if the strength of the Six Profound God Venerable has been fully restored in the past few years. Now… I am looking forward to fighting against the Six Profound Gods…\”The top of the sky suddenly dimmed, and the void was densely covered with a large number of black clouds, covering an unknown number of billions of miles of the earth.Upon hearing this, the expressions of the three mad elders sank slightly, and their eyes solemnly looked at the void.Chapter 1383Although there was no aura, but Shanghai and others felt the incomparable coercion, almost suffocating.Even if it is a high-ranking god king with a surname, his look is quite ugly at this moment, because he can\’t see who is here, but the feeling that the person gives him is extremely terrifying, almost no less than the six Profound Gods\’ shots back then. The moment when the Quartet was killed.Unrelated people, wait, don\’t you withdraw? The dense black cloud heard a vague voice, it is difficult to distinguish whether it is a male or a female. Unlike the voice of the talented person, there is more than one person, it is likely to be two, or even Two or more.Hear the words!The surnamed high-ranking god king twitched his cheeks a few times, and glanced at the three mad elders. With a movement, he quickly disappeared. How could this surnamed high-ranking god king not understand that the figure in the dark cloud must be the same The crazy old man and others of his generation, as for who doesn\’t know who they are, and the other party is unwilling to reveal their identity, obviously they have planned to kill the crazy old man and others.Go, you guys get out of here quickly… The mad old man transmitted a voice to the Shanghai two people, his tone was full of heavy colors, and it was obvious that the people who came to him made him quite jealous.Senior… Bi Yuelan hesitated.They\’re here for us, you go quickly, you can\’t help much here, the black robe old woman said in a deep voice.Um!

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