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This box is obviously much larger and wider than the normal pen box, and the pen is fixed in the center of the box. There is beautiful velvet filling next to it. It is very beautiful. She put away the array pattern pen. Jian Xi bought several different styles of ancient inkstones and high-quality brushes. Of course, each kind of packing box is required. When she was about to turn around and leave, suddenly a person broke into the shop, Jane smelled the wind and avoided it. She didn\’t get hit.

Xuantian shook his head, \”This child is actually not cherished by nature, but the environment will change a person. If no one comes to bother him, it will be fine. He will follow his own path, but if it is provoked, he will not. Let anyone go easily. It\’s just a kind of nature, not good or bad.\”Senior, I\’ll take you away. Shanghai said. Since Xuantian could not be rescued, he just moved this thing together, leaving Xuantian here. He was really worried. After all, the reincarnated body might not have a god. The memory of the emperor, but as the reincarnated body grows, it may be restored, and the friendship with Xuantian may not be thought of by then.Little friendliness, I understand it in my heart. No need to. For the time being, I don’t want to go out. Let me stay here. The little guy didn’t intend to harm you, he just wanted to protect this place, and he wanted to cultivate with peace of mind. You leave After that, tell outsiders, don\’t bother you again. Xuantian said.Seeing Xuantian\’s reluctance to leave, Shanghai couldn\’t force it anymore.The words of the predecessors, the younger generation remember, I will leave first when I have the opportunity, and I will come here and talk to the predecessors when I have the opportunity in the future. Shanghai said.Let\’s talk about it later, if you return along here, you will be able to leave. Xuantian pointed to the back of the treasure hall.Afterwards!Shanghai and the others said goodbye to Xuantian and walked into the back of the palace.After watching the three people leave, Xuantian slowly turned his head and looked at the entrance of the treasure hall with love.Since that is your friend, this emperor will give them a way out. The figure made a deep voice, and the tone was full of mighty majesty. It was indeed the reincarnation body of the god emperor.Thanks a lot.You have had many intersections with the emperor in your childhood. The emperor will naturally not embarrass you and your friends. As long as they don\’t step into this place, the emperor will not investigate this matter.The reincarnation body of the god emperor said this, looking into the distance, \”Even if they can leave alive this time, they may not be able to live for too long. The catastrophe is about to come…\”You mean they…Well, they will also appear… This emperor is running out of time. Before the robbery arrives, we must make enough preparations… The god emperor\’s reincarnation body did not speak, and the figure had disappeared.Chapter 1434呲…When the three people in Shanghai came out of the land of the ancient god Emperor Yu, many strong people have retreated one after another, most of them are the four great imperial palaces and the ancient strong people. Obviously, the reincarnation body of the god emperor was born. The major forces have recalled these powerhouses.Hao…An excited voice came, and Bi Yuelan swept over, followed by the Six Profound God Venerable and Liao Baishu.

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