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It\’s too big here. Jane Xi looks up at the monks flying around overhead, flying in and out of her nest like a bee. Jane Xi knows that there is a transmission array leading to the intermediate continent here, but she doesn\’t know where it is and doesn\’t need to know for the time being.

Suddenly, the three of them changed their expressions.Hurry up, Shanghai shouted.The second daughter of Mu Ningxue was quickly pulled up and swept out of the passage, the extremely cold air billowing from behind, biting tightly behind them.Not only the one behind him, but also the extreme coldness oozing out of the four walls, but it was slightly weaker than the one behind out……The super-speed magical skills and the Primordial battle step were fully urged, and the speed of Shanghai skyrocketed to nearly a million times the speed of the world. The extreme ice and cold behind the tide did not catch up, but the terrible thing is that it seems to be endless. All the way madly.When he came to a fork in the road, Shanghai found that not only behind him, but also from all sides, there was extremely cold air seeping out.Run.Wait for me……Quite a few of the Primordial Powers, and some of the Powers of the Fallen League, ran away in desperation, but more and more extreme ice and cold air penetrated, and some of the strong were too slow, and were immediately entangled by the extreme ice and cold air. , His body gradually stiffened, and finally he was frozen.As the extreme ice and cold air continued to penetrate, more and more powerful men died.Friend Lin Dao, help me. There was a soft drink, and in another passage, a stunning woman rushed out with a large number of magic flowers, and behind her, two Primordial Peak God Kings chased them all the way. , The power of terror attacking and killing with both arms swept toward that stunning woman.This woman is not someone else, but Qianye.I saw Qianye wielding many magical flowers again and again, her figure flickering from time to time, and dangerously dodge the power of the two Primordial Peak God Kings. Although she has evaded every time, she is quite dangerous and slightly careless. , It may disappear under the power of this attack.Shanghai is naturally not Lingxiangxiyu, but there has been an agreement before, since I promised this woman, it is inevitable to help her.Sweeping around, I saw that the extremely cold air seeping from the walls became stronger and stronger, and the two Primordial Peak God Kings also realized that they had to fight quickly, so every time they shot, they wanted to kill Qianye. It’s impossible for the other two Primordial Peak God Kings to be able to withstand them, let alone two, even one is difficult, but now the surrounding area is full of extreme ice and cold…The Thunder God\’s Spear flicked slightly.Taishidi skill!Under the wave of Shanghai, all the power, including the power of the demon, was poured into the Thunder God Spear. In an instant, the surroundings were completely distorted, and the vast will of the God emperor emerged. This is the terrible part of the emperor\’s skill, which contains The supreme divine emperor will.Emperor Skill… The two Primordial Peak God Kings felt the power of Shanghai\’s attack, their expressions couldn\’t help but change slightly. Just as they were about to resist, suddenly the tip of the spear tilted slightly, actually deviating from the direction and piercing into the left. Among the rock walls on the side.

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