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\”After eating, did your sister forget to put a lot of delicious food in Xiaoyu\’s ring?\” Xiaoyu saw his sister\’s look and quickly explained that his sister had done enough for him. Xiaosiyu has a mind that ordinary children like him don\’t have. He is very precocious.

In addition, Shanghai also wants to explore the mystery of the soul. After all, he possesses the soul of seven transformations that ordinary people cannot possess. The vast soul power contained in it was previously unknown to use, but now there is a chance in front of him. It would be a pity to do some research.Naturally, Shanghai did not hold much hope. After all, the ancient soul master is a unique refiner. He uses the soul as a refinement. No matter how talented he is, he cannot become an ancient soul master. Just want to know something.The astral power was slowly released, and Shanghai carefully controlled it, and once any accident occurred, immediately cut off his astral power.It was still an inch away. Shanghai took a deep breath, his eyes fixed, the soul power touched the first deity, and at the moment of contact, his expression suddenly stagnated, he saw the vast wilderness, There are endless mysteries hidden inside, even if it is exhausted for a lifetime, it is impossible to understand the mystery clearly…Is this the appearance of astral power…The heart of Shanghai trembled slightly. It was the first time he had seen the appearance of soul power so clearly since practicing. He didn\’t expect it to be like a deserted appearance. It\’s just that although the deserted space looked huge, it seemed to be affected by something. Things were imprisoned, and it seemed extremely limited. There were no stars, no star fields, and nothing else, only a chaotic barren space.This is not a real representation of astral power. Shanghai has an intuition that the real representation of astral power is even greater, and it’s not a chaos at all.What Huangyu could show, even he discovered that this piece of Huangyu was on the verge of collapse.Of course, these were all seen by Shanghai. He didn\’t know exactly why it was so, but he felt that if it was his own soul power, it could appear to be even more vast…Do you want to try…The idea of ​​trying arose in Shanghai\’s heart, but this is the soul power of the ancient soul master, with a special mark on it, will it cause trouble… After thinking for a while, the strong idea of ​​trying still makes him want to try. Something.With a slight movement in mind, Shanghai’s Eye to the Sky, the direction in which all the astral powers of the first deity are arranged, can be seen clearly in some subtleties, and they are secretly remembered in the bottom of my heart. I don’t know why, every time I look at it. He always feels that some nuances are vague and not complete enough to be able to make up.After thousands of observations, it took three full hours before Shanghai completely remembered all the astral power of this first god.Immediately!The soul power of Shanghai gradually spread out, draw the gourd in the same way, and walk slowly with the soul power of the ancient soul master, step by step, and it started to be a bit difficult. After all, it is the first time to use the soul power, and gradually, slowly enter the better state. Among.It seems that this can be done here… Shanghai stopped in one place because he felt that if the astral power were to go from another place, it would be more complete. This is a kind of intuition. He believes in his own intuition, anyway. It doesn\’t matter if you fail, it\’s a big deal to start all over again.According to the mind, the soul power is constantly imprinted on the gods, and Shanghai\’s mind is completely silent in the mysterious state of manipulating the soul power, and he has not noticed at all. The soul power lines that he has walked according to his intuition are actually absorbing the original Astral power, and slowly replace it…Very mysterious…The soul of Shanghai trembled slightly. This was a very strange state. The more he manipulated, the more the soul power was at heart. In addition, he also felt some magical effects of the soul power that had never been discovered before. Of course These magical effects are not clear enough for him to display them, but if they continue, I believe they will be able to display them soon.Boom…

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