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This is another reason, that is, how the heaven and earth house is made, such complex technology, and what is the unknown powerful cutting tool? All the unknowns led the heaven and earth house to enter the auction house and put it on the round platform.

After listening to this, Shanghai took a deep breath. I didn’t expect that he and others would enter the source. It was only more than a year. The outside world has been more than 20 years, and such a big change has taken place. The old undead actually established the Supreme Palace of Gods and Demons, and almost dominated the spiritual realm.Lin Wenzong, now the spiritual realm is basically controlled by the Supreme Gods and Demons Palace. Except for the Primordial Gods and Demons, the rest of the cultivators have no room for survival. Many powerhouses of the three thousand great clans have arrived in the realm of God and formed an anti-Ge alliance. Helian said helplessly: \”You should leave this place and go to the realm of God.\”It is a matter of time before the Primordial Alliance fights the ancient gods, or the Primordial Gods and Demons, because the three have had a lot of grievances since the beginning of the ancient times, but Helian did not expect to come so soon, and the Primordial Alliance has not resisted that much. Was destroyed.Well, we are planning to go to God\’s Domain. Thank you very much, Elder Helian, for telling us. Shanghai arched hands.Anyway, I\’m a dying body. With my current soul, I can\’t hold it for long.When Helian said this, he paused, \”By the way, I will trouble you to pass it on to the Swire Alliance for one thing.\”Elder Helian, please speak.I learned about this desperately. A month ago, when the ancient capital collapsed, I had escaped originally, but I was uneasy. I thought I was able to protect myself even if I lost it. So I followed A quasi-god emperor in the Supreme Gods and Demon Palace, unexpectedly, I found something… The Primordial God and Demon Palace has refined the ninety-nine Primordial God and Demon Palace’s Blood Pagodas… Helian Vibrato.The ancient sacrifice to the sky blood tower… are you sure it is the ancient sacrifice to the sky blood tower? Shanghai\’s expression suddenly changed.Yes, I have seen one. It was built by a quasi-god emperor in the Primordial Era, but the Primordial Blood Pagoda for offering sacrifices to the sky is much smaller than these ninety-nine towers.Helian said in a deep voice: \”The Primordial Sacrifice to the Heavenly Blood Pagoda is an ancient taboo method. Once this method is released, it will surely cause turbulence in the world, and even lead to the destruction of the world. The Heavenly Blood Pagoda, with the blood of tens of thousands of powerful people, caused the world to revolve. This person actually wanted to kill a god emperor with this ancient sacrifice sky blood tower. Later, the god emperor was trapped in the ancient sacrifice sky blood tower. Killed by this tower…\”Shanghai’s complexion has changed, and he naturally understands the terrible aspect of Taikoo’s sacrifice to the Heaven’s Blood Tower. After the Taikoo era, this method has been banned by the god emperor. Anyone who uses this method will be killed by all the god emperors, because This ancient sacrifice to the Sky Blood Tower is too terrifying and will bring doom and fate.The old undead actually made such a move…And it is ninety-nine, not one…That Yao Zhizun built these ninety-nine Primordial Blood Pagodas, once triggered, it will inevitably lead to world-destroying bad luck. This guy is a lunatic, and he will destroy the gods and spirits… Helian trembled. : \”Lin Wenzong, if you have a way, stop him, if you don\’t, then find a way… Once the world\’s doom comes, no one will be able to survive…\”Chapter 1577Doomsday…If it was only a person in Shanghai, he would not worry, but now grandpa and others, there are more than 6,000 clansmen are there, if the doom of the world comes, who can resist by then?After setting up Grandpa and others, I will go to the Supreme Palace of Gods and Demons to talk to the old man and see what he wants to do… Shanghai Xin said.The practice of the old immortality is getting more and more extreme. The massacre of billions of ancient powerhouses is too much for Shanghai, but what can he say? Everyone has his own choice. Now all he has to do is, First protect your relatives and friends.

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