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Mrs. Li is her mother-in-law, Wang Daya. She is fifty-six years old this year. When she was forty, the old man died of being hit in the head by a stone because of his organization\’s road construction. Wang Daya was heartbroken. Unexpectedly, she was pregnant at this time.

Yao Zhizun is in retreat? Why do you want to retreat? Shanghai frowned.It\’s not very clear for the time being, but I heard that it seems to be due to some accident, I am afraid that I will not be able to leave the customs in a short time. Yao Zhizun may not kill you, but it is difficult to say that the eight kings are also the reincarnation of the god emperor. The body, and his original inheritance is the eight god emperors.The emperor Sheng Tianzhi flew by while transmitting her voice: \”The Babu divine emperor is the eleventh divine emperor in the Primordial Era. His life and deeds are recorded in the secret vaults of the four imperial palaces. Eight The emperor of Buddhism had cultivated for 800,000 years before he became the emperor of God. In the era under his control, all enemies with him were all destroyed by him. In order to become the emperor of God, he did not hesitate to destroy. Kill your own siblings, and your brothers who live and die.\”The Babu King takes you away, not necessarily to the Supreme Gods and Demons Palace, even if it is, it is also to elicit the ancient body. Once he obtains the ancient body and restores all his strength, let alone you, even the Supreme Lord Yao may have Dangerous, said the emperor Sheng Tianzhi.Shanghai has thought about these things a long time ago. No one knows the old immortality better than him, at least the old immortality before the change.When he was in the Supreme Palace of Gods and Demons, Shanghai had been alone with Lao Wudie. Judging from Lao Wudie’s attitude, although he regained his strength and returned to the extinct nature of the past, the two of them had experience together. But I never forgot.Therefore, I always care about this affection, and because of this, I didn\’t act on myself. Otherwise, the old man would have come to catch Shanghai himself, so why let the Babuwang take action.It is precisely because of this that Shanghai suspects that the Babuwang did not come by orders. The reason for the compromise is that the Babuwang and others had too many strong people at the time. Wang confronted, and he didn\’t know if Grandpa and others were in the hands of Babuwang and others, so he decided to look at the situation first.Following all the way, although Babuwang and others did not reveal a word about Grandpa and others, Shanghai still could tell that Babuwang and others only knew that Grandpa and others were in the extremely ice waters, and did not know the specifics of Lingshen Island. Where is it.The confrontation between the reincarnation bodies of the two gods attracted the attention of many powerful people. Even the strong in the Palace of Extinguish Sun went to guard. Today, there are very few people inside the Palace of Extinguish Sun, and only a few occasionally can be seen. The maid ran to a nearby secret room to hide in a panic.Who are you? A burst of anger came from the front, only to see a god and a group of strong men rushing over.Fuck. The emperor Shengtianzhi flicked her white and slender hand, and the god was shot and flew out, and even the group of strong men was slapped and flew far away.Eighth Buddha…Shanghai looked at the emperor Sheng Tianzhi with some surprise, but she did not expect that she had reached the level of the Eighth World Zun.These powers were catalyzed by the reincarnation body of the Heavenly Emperor God, and coupled with the help of the God Emperor\’s origin, I was able to continuously break through and reach the eighth world deity. If I can reach the level of the ninth world deity, I can ask the gods. The position of the emperor… said the emperor Sheng Tianzhi.Chapter 1632 Plan FailedSpeaking of questioning the position of the emperor, the emperor Sheng Tianzhi\’s eyes revealed a strong desire. The pursuit of power is nothing, but Shanghai felt that the desire of the emperor Sheng Tianzhi\’s eyes reached almost crazy. The degree of it.Shanghai\’s expression remained unchanged, and she still followed the emperor Sheng Tianzhi towards the front.soon!The two came to an ancient temple.

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