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Li Siyu asked her to show doubts and looked behind her. It seemed that she was the only one in the family.

This — when Xinyu heard this, his expression immediately became obscure. With a bitter smile, he looked out of the window and looked at the white clouds outside. After a while, he slowly said: \”It\’s my father. My father came home last night and suddenly talked to me. He said – he said – he\’s getting married. The day is in the late part of next month. I\’ve seen that woman. He once went to my grandmother for dinner. He said: he hesitated for a long time because he was afraid I might not accept it. Secondly, he didn\’t know whether their relationship would blossom and bear fruit. Thirdly, it was also because of me Facing the high school entrance examination, he was afraid that I would be distracted and affect the examination, so he never deliberately told me that they had been dating for more than a year. He said that the woman was once his lover. At that time, she couldn\’t be together because of the opposition of her family, but later she divorced and he is now single, which makes this impossibility possible, and he is ready to live together until now, After I finished the high school entrance examination, I made up my mind to tell me that my father thought I had seen her, and he would feel something in his heart and be mentally prepared, but — I — \”said Xin Yu. There were some things he couldn\’t say, and he paused. \”So — how do you feel about that — woman?\” Jane Xi said. This sentence was also very difficult for her to ask. You know, it\’s one thing to be mentally prepared, but when things are coming to an end, she still can\’t accept such development, but she can\’t show it. \”Feeling? What\’s the feeling? I didn\’t know her relationship with my father only at Grandma\’s house. Although I didn\’t know what was going on, I just didn\’t like her very much or even dislike her, but I didn\’t think about it. Now I know why so many people came that day. Everyone was talking to her? I want to know what\’s going on , I won\’t cook that table, \”Xin Yu said with some hatred. \”No wonder he doesn\’t pick you up.\” Jane Xi suddenly realized. \”But — Xinyu — don\’t be angry. In fact, it\’s normal for your mother to die and your father is still young. He\’s your father, and you want him to be happy, don\’t you?\” Jian Xi comforted Xinyu with the pain in her heart. \”No, I hope my father is happy. I know it\’s normal for him to look for her again, but I can\’t make it psychologically. How long has my mother passed away? How can he forget her so quickly? If my mother knows that her father will look for another woman more than two years after her death, do you think she can feel better? How sad she is? I won\’t accept this woman Hatoyama occupies the magpie\’s nest. There is only one mother. This woman can never replace \”Xin Yu\’s expression changed from sadness to firmness. \”But he\’s your father. Didn\’t he treat your mother very well before she died? Then he\’s worthy of your mother. He didn\’t do anything wrong. It\’s impossible for him to bear the thoughts of your mother all his life and keep him for your mother all his life. That\’s unrealistic. He\’s also a human being. He needs someone to care about and love. You\’re still young. You can take care of him when you live around him, but One day you want to grow up, work, get married and leave him. What should he do alone and live alone in an empty room all day? In fact, this kind of thing is the same early and late. Don\’t worry about the length of time. Besides, compared with those really ungrateful people, your father is much better. He doesn\’t care about it because your mother died Your grandparents, when they are two old people, isn\’t your father still on call? He has done really well, \”Jane Xi advised, her eyes reddening unconsciously, but her tone didn\’t fluctuate, and she said every word of comfort with difficulty. \”Why do you always speak for him? Why don\’t you think about my mother? She\’s so wronged. What has she got in her life? Before she got sick, she either went to work or took care of her family and me all day. The pressure of work makes her tired when she comes home every day. Moreover, I\’m not obedient. I\’m angry with her all day. She often makes her cry. She doesn\’t have time to spend all day like others She had no time to eat and drink and had a driver\’s license, but she didn\’t own her own car on the day of her death. My family was so small that she raised me so big that she didn\’t live in a big house. Sometimes she joked: when can I live in a big house in my life? I joked: I\’ll buy it for you when I grow up. But I thought it was a joke at that time No, I didn\’t think about it at all. Mom didn\’t wait until I bought her a big house to live in. She can even say nothing in her life, but how can my father forget this so soon? How can he? You don\’t have to persuade me. Let me be quiet. \” When Xinyu said this, he stopped talking, closed his eyes, adjusted his seat, and lay back on the back of the chair. Jane Xi opened her mouth and didn\’t know what to persuade for a moment. After all, she couldn\’t accept her own psychological level, but she also knew that this was a normal thing. She couldn\’t get into the tip of an ox horn like Xinyu. She had to adjust her mind to better help Xinyu. When she thought of this, she didn\’t say anything, Also adjust the chair and lean there, with headphones in your ears, listening to soothing music and combing your mood. Chapter 82 recognition of mother and child (I) When encountering the bottleneck, the recent collection and recommendation are still so tepid. Youyou is a little depressed and doesn\’t write very vigorously. Everyone, give youyou a driving force to write. Until they got off the plane, they never touched that topic again. Don\’t mention it before they think about it. When they came out of Kunming airport, they were both light. Xinyu ran out when he was angry. He just stuffed a few clothes into his schoolbag and took his ID card and bank card. Cary had 50000 yuan saved for him before his mother died, which his mother gave him just in case, and more than 80000 new year\’s money and pocket money saved over the years, If there is nothing special, it can\’t be spent. Jane Xi is the same. She always puts her ID card, bank card and other important documents in the ring. She\’s afraid to take them with her and lose them again. It\’s very troublesome to make up for them. In addition to the 200000 yuan handed over to her by Li Bureau, there are also 100 million left to sell shares. Of course, now she doesn\’t know how much interest is. Because she doesn\’t need it, she never checked it, You can\’t spend a fraction if you want to go abroad, let alone just go to Yunnan. Sitting in the airport bus into Kunming, they saw that it was late. They opened two single rooms in the airport hotel nearby and stayed. The waiter at the bar looked at the boys and girls with outstanding appearance. He didn\’t know what the relationship was. The room didn\’t open together and shouldn\’t be a couple. However, although they were small, their appearance was so matched that they didn\’t disappear until they took the elevator. The two people in the elevator didn\’t feel funny. They smiled at each other. It was the first time that they felt a little relaxed and less dull in different places. They went to their own room, washed away the fatigue and dust all the way, and were fresh. Jian Xi was wearing cotton knee shorts and the same Camisole vest. After his hair was half dry, he thought about it in the room, went out and knocked on Xinyu\’s door. Xinyu opened the door, and there stood the expected man at the door.

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