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Looking at the annoyed Li Siyu, he despised the meal and sat opposite Lin Cheng frowning.

They called each other abnormal. Later, they didn\’t mention it. This time, Jane Xi brought all the fish in the stream in the small world with the help of Fang Ailong. There are many in the mountain, that is, rich plants and all kinds of animals, including fish, of course. Jane Xi\’s small world is too small to raise anything else. Besides, there are so many miraculous drugs there. In case any animal spoils them again, Jane Xi has no time to cry, so she doesn\’t think about it for the time being, unless the animal\’s intelligence catches up with the God of war. However, Jian Xi was also very happy to see the live fry in the stream, which means that the God of war can come in. While watching the energetic fish fry swimming around in the stream, Jian Xi continued the topic just now: \”Grandpa, the carefree guest said he was a monk of Kunyuan. I seem to have heard of Kunyuan. Yes, the Jia brothers I met in Myanmar mentioned that their children went to Kunyuan for training, but why have I never heard of this Kunyuan?\” \”Oh? Where is the experience of the guwu family? It\’s interesting, but I don\’t know. But you should be careful. The carefree guest has great accomplishments during the foundation period. I don\’t know what accomplishments the friars in the Kun garden have. I think there should be the existence of the friars of the golden elixir period, and the carefree guest doesn\’t know what background they have. If there is the backing of the friars of the golden elixir, then You\’re in danger. \” Jane Nan\’s look is a little gloomy. Now he is just a spirit body. If he uses his divine knowledge, he can still do some things. His divine knowledge only retains one tenth of the original strength, but it is very dangerous in the face of these experts in the foundation period and golden elixir period. Therefore, at this time of every day, he can only hide helplessly and can\’t help Jane. All he can do is to take care of him Teach Jane what she has learned, but it can\’t be done in a day or two. \”I\’ll pay attention, Grandpa, don\’t worry, it\’ll be fine.\” Jane Xi saw Jane Nan\’s look and knew what he was thinking, but she said comfortingly. \”It\’s better to be OK, but you\’d better get some familiar animal skins recently. I\’ll teach you how to make disposable arrays. Now there are only these beasts, but there are no monsters. The materials are not good. You can only make some disposable arrays. Maybe you\’ll save your life at that time,\” Jane Nan continued. \”Can animal skins make disposable arrays?\” asked Jane Xi curiously. \”Well, you need to prepare more, because at the beginning, you will waste a lot in the process of practice, so prepare more and cook well,\” Jiannan added. \”Oh, OK, if it\’s hard, I can practice with some cultured cowhide first, and then use animal skin after proficiency?\” Jane Xi suggested. She\’s afraid it\’s not easy to get animal skin now. It\’s very rare to know that animals cherish and protect animals now. \”Yes, the cowhide is tough, but it\’s OK.\” Jane Nan readily agreed. It\’s always better to let Jane Xi have more means to protect herself. In the next few days, Jane Xi still asked Fang Ailong to help her get some cooked cowhide. Of course, Fang Ailong responded to her request and soon got a cart of cowhide, which surprised Jane Xi. Darling, so many? Fang Ailong didn\’t ask her what to do, but at Jane Xi\’s request, she transported it to a relatively large empty room in Jane Xi\’s small courtyard. Since then, Jane Xi began to learn the course of making array map. In the course, countless cowhide exploded into pieces under her hands, and then she turned it into fly ash and fell into the black land as fertilizer. More than ten days later, a clear and beautiful cheering came out of Jane Xi\’s small world: \”success, I succeeded, I made it, Grandpa, I finally succeeded\”. Of course, this is Jane Xi. She jumped up happily with a half meter square cowhide. I can see how happy she is. More than ten days! She immersed herself in the production of the array. She was on the verge of success countless times, the materials were exploded countless times, and she was disappointed countless times. Finally, she won her first success. She consumed two-thirds of the cowhide in that room. \”Don\’t be happy too early. This is the simplest wooden pile array. Next, you have to make it. This is the beginning, and the failure rate is also very high. I think the remaining one-third of cowhide is not enough for you.\” Jane Nan timely hit her happy heart and immediately calmed her down. \”Yes, I\’ve just made the first and simplest array. There\’s still a long way to go. Then, there\’s only one way. Come on, practice, and use it successfully and skillfully.\” Jane Xi looked at the array of runes in her hand and put it in the ring and continued to make her next one. Then there is endless production. Only two or three of a hundred pieces of cowhide can be made successfully. Slowly, one or two of ten pieces of cowhide can be made, and three or four of the last ten can be made successfully until the end All the cowhide in the room was used up by Jian Xi. Jian Xi looked at the dozens of one-time arrays he had accumulated in his hand. Although they were all relatively simple small arrays, the success rate at least improved a lot. Jian Nan said that if the material was monster skin, the times of use were different according to the different grades of monster. The higher the grade of monster, the more times of use, At present, these ordinary cowhide can be used at most once. It can\’t carry a larger array. Even this small array, many of them explode and waste not because Jane Xi\’s production is not good, but because some cowhide is not of high quality or too thin.

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