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It\’s much better to see her now. It\’s up again.

We must be conscientious. Although grandma Xinyu once had a bad memory of Yuan Caiyi, it has passed after all. At that time, Cang Jun has always been on her side. When Xinyu was still in her infancy, his grandma once said \”can the child be encephalitis\” because Yuan Caiyi saw her son with a high fever? \” It caused grandma Xinyu to scold and threw Xinyu in her arms on the table. Xiao Xinyu cried loudly, while his grandmother sat on the ground, patted her thigh and scolded yuan Caiyi, \’you little bastard, do you curse my grandson? Can you say something? Get out of my house. Don\’t show me barabarabara with snot and tears. Yuan Caiyi was already frightened by her mother-in-law\’s boldness at that time. Yuan\’s mother was an intellectual woman. Yuan Caiyi was so big that she had never seen such a posture. There was no sound, and her tears flowed down. She was at a loss. Yuan\’s mother once said to her, \”getting married is no better than staying at home. Her mother-in-law is an old man. You have to listen to what the old man says. Even if you are wrong, don\’t take it to heart, They are old people and should respect \’yunyun\’. Now, looking at her mother-in-law crying on the ground in the dark, dragging the spittoon to throw the crying snot inside, Yuan Caiyi\’s brain was blank, and \”plop\” knelt in front of her mother-in-law and said, \”Mom, don\’t cry, I\’m wrong, I\’m making you angry, don\’t cry and break your body, I\’ll go now, I\’ll go now -\” Yuan Caiyi, who was full of tears, didn\’t get the forgiveness of her mother-in-law, She didn\’t get up, but she remembered that she had to pack up and leave, so after more than ten minutes, she had to get up by herself, crying and packing. Their own house was sold because it was too cold in winter. The child was so young, so they temporarily lived in her mother-in-law\’s house, but unexpectedly they were kicked out again. Cang Jun was just shut in the room and shed tears silently, but he didn\’t stand up and say a word for his wronged daughter-in-law. However, when he saw Jane Xi walking out with her bag and her child, he followed. In this way, the three of the family left grandma Xinyu\’s house and went back to Yuan Ma\’s house, Yuan Caiyi\’s mother\’s house. Jane Xi can still think of the scenes at that time. At that time, she was really wronged and wronged, so the impression was very profound. However, even so, aren\’t they still the close relatives of cangjun? What can she do? Forget it, everything has passed. Now I am basically two people in the world with them. If there are more of them, I can still put them in the Kun garden. However, there is no special arrangement for them in the Kun garden. They also have what conditions others have. However, what are these for life? What Jian Xi doesn\’t know is that cangjun has really started to practice martial arts since he got the secret splendor of martial arts from Xinyu. He is not lazy. In addition, after the transformation of Zisui pill and Tianxiang pill, although there is no spiritual root, the root bone of martial arts has been improved very well. In addition, Xinyu will go back to explain it from time to time. Cangjun\’s achievements in recent years are also very gratifying, Unexpectedly, he has stepped into the congenital level. Among ordinary people, he is already a rare expert. Cang Jun remembered his son\’s words. When he practiced martial arts to the extreme, he could also enter the Tao with martial arts and build a foundation by martial arts. The elders of Yuan Fang\’s two families did not have spiritual roots, but reached the extreme by force. Coupled with the effect of building a foundation pill, he entered the foundation building period. Seeing that his father had made such rapid progress, Xinyu couldn\’t help feeling alive. In his heart, he hoped that cangjun could go to xuanqiu star with him, but he was not alone, and his half brother and — that woman. However – he doesn\’t want to see that if the Cang army fails to build the foundation and doesn\’t want to go to xuanqiu star as their farewell, he should have a good talk with Jane Xi. He wants to hear her opinion. With that woman, if she can\’t see it, Jane Xi can\’t be affected at all, but — if she\’s allowed to go with them to the whirling hills, can Jane care at all? Xinyu can guess without thinking. \”Xin Yu, what do you think?\” Jian Xi asked with a wry smile. \”I — I think Dad can go with us, but there are Cang Xinheng and aunt Guan. Dad can\’t give up their mother and son, so can you let them go with us?\” Xinyu was a little uneasy. Chapter 296 current situation of cangjun \”You can do what you want, but you have to get their consent before you go. If they don\’t want to go, don\’t force it. What\’s more – they are ordinary people. It\’s a very serious problem to survive in spinqiu. It\’s not as peaceful as the earth. Your father and them, you must make it clear to them before you go, otherwise It\’s useless for them to regret when they arrive at xuanqiu star. After all, we have a way to go, but there\’s no way back. \”Jane Xi thinks she\’s too virgin, but what will her son think if she asks her to stop it? We can only tell him all these things first, give him a preventive injection, let him think clearly, and let the cangjun family think clearly. The fact that xuanqiu star is not heaven must be understood by them in advance. Although she thought of Guan Fei in her heart, she was also uncomfortable, but for her son, she didn\’t care. If she was uncomfortable, she would be uncomfortable. Fortunately, now this discomfort is only a moment. Time can really cure everything! After Xin Yu told Jian Xi about Cang Jun and left, Jian Xi couldn\’t help thinking of Mowei and Mojia, the best relatives of that group of children, who had been deliberately forgotten by her. It is said that over the years, the performance of the real estate company has doubled year after year, becoming the leader of the real estate industry in J City, and its industry has begun to spread to other provinces and cities, It is said that we will march into the capital in ten years. Jane Xi couldn\’t help sneering. Did she march into the capital? Even if they succeed, it will be their last business in this life, right? Jane had thought about using her relationship to let her family take refuge in Kun garden, but she thought of all kinds of Mowei and Mojia people before. Her heart was cold again. He was the father of her body. To be honest, she had no affection for Mervyn. In addition to all the things they had done, if Mowei didn\’t have this relationship, Jane Xi estimated that she would have to kill him if she didn\’t kill him. It\’s not that she is cruel. It\’s not the first time for her to kill. Unknowingly, human life is not as inviolable in her heart. The laws are weak in front of these monks. They are only made for the weak and ordinary people. But let him bring this pile of best products to Kun garden, then they will know sooner or later the relationship between Yuan and Fang and Jian Xi, which can almost be called half a savior, and they will inevitably have trouble by using this relationship. Make a lot of things to worry about.

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