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Mom, don\’t worry. I\’ll give you a pension and let you eat white rice and white steamed bread every day! Li Siyu held the old lady\’s arm in tears.

What if I don\’t? Gu Meimei said, biting her teeth. \”I have a lot of means to let you say,\” Jane Xi sneered and threw Gu Meimei and Gong Qiu into the big array one by one. Then he took a look at one of Kong Ping\’s eyes, which was still crawling like maggots. A fireball passed. Kong Ping didn\’t even scream, but it had turned into fly ash. Then Jane Xi burned several other corpses one after another, took their rings, put them away, and then looked at her. She was looking at Ruan Tiancheng incredulously, smiled, a princess came to hold her, took Ruan Tiancheng into the array, and put away the shadow note. Everything outside the array was calm again. Except for crushing a few weeds, there was no change at all. \”Don\’t mind, I\’ll heal you.\” Jane Xigang wanted to stretch out her hand to untie his clothes, but the next moment she felt inappropriate, so she withdrew her hand. Kabakaba asked Ruan Tiancheng in her eyes. \”Don\’t mind\” Ruan Tiancheng\’s pale face was a little red. He saw Jane Xi\’s jade hand and withdrew again. Jian Xi smiled and took out a five grade healing pill and put it into Ruan Tiancheng\’s mouth. The slender jade finger accidentally touched his white lips because he sent the pill into Ruan Tiancheng\’s mouth. Ruan Tiancheng noticed the coolness of his fingers and smelled the body fragrance of the girl close to him. He couldn\’t help but swing in his heart. The pill melted at the entrance and left a touch of fragrance in his mouth. Ruan Tiancheng had just seen that it was the five pill of three circles of Dan halo. The effect was very powerful. Just entering the body, a wave of energy began to spread all over the body, and the whole body could feel warm. After the pill was delivered to the mouth, Jane Xizhen went to untie his clothes. The wound was on his chest. Jane Xizhen also had to deal with the external wound. Although the pill could also be treated from inside to outside, it was faster than internal and external application, so it was still necessary to strip. After thinking about it, Jane Xizhen gently untied Ruan Tiancheng\’s belt and opened his coat soaked with blood, Then there were white underwear, layers by layers. Jian Xi carefully took off Ruan Tiancheng\’s clothes. She was deeply afraid of pulling his wound and increasing his pain. Chapter 451 ambiguity (Part I) So now the picture is that Jane Xi, dressed in camouflage and combed with horsetail, kneels on the ground and unties the clothes of the white man lying in front of her layer by layer. In any case, she feels strong. She untied her clothes and let Jane Xi take a breath from the long wound on her chest. If it were a wound on the earth, Ruan Tiancheng would never live for a few minutes. At that time, Ruan Tiancheng should have taken the pill and Kong Pingzhi\’s pill, so it didn\’t continue to deteriorate. Now, with Jianxi\’s five product healing pill, the wound is no longer bleeding, but the opened muscles are still so eye-catching and shocking. Fortunately, Jianxi is no longer the little girl on the earth, It\’s nothing new to kill animals. Otherwise, only this wound can make her vomit. The effect of the pill is still continuing. Jian Xi looks at the abdominal wound and seems to have seen internal organs. However, the pill is being repaired, but the wound is too large, but it takes a process to repair. After thinking about it, Jane Xi took out the never used medical suture needle and absorbable surgical suture from the ring. Although Jane Xi had never used it, she had seen it more than once in TV and movies. Considering that she was still a skillful person on earth, Jane Xi couldn\’t help cheering herself up. \”I need to give you an injection of anesthetic, or it may hurt.\” Jane Xi looked up nervously and looked at Ruan Tiancheng who was staring at her. \”What is anesthetics? You can do whatever you want\” Ruan Tiancheng looked puzzled and asked Jianxi, but then added. Jane Xi didn\’t know how painful the stitches were. When she was a child of Yuan Caiyi, a piece of broken glass was inserted into her feet. At that time, she had two stitches, but it was too small. I\’ve forgotten whether it hurts or not, but it won\’t be a good taste to wear this needle in the meat. He asked, but the next moment he saw Ruan Tiancheng, he didn\’t know what anesthetic was. He was a little depressed, so he had to explain: \”it\’s a drug that makes people paralyzed and unconscious. I can save you the pain when I sew the wound, but the effect is only a few hours.\”.

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