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For dinner, Li sinang cooked her a meal of pork, frozen tofu and stewed cabbage.

What? Tong Junlan looked at Jane Xi in confusion. She didn\’t know what she meant. \”I want her, please give her to me as compensation for our removal of demon Xiu Wang Wei for you?\” Jane said in a deep voice, looking straight at Tong Junlan. Tong Junlan is one Chi. His eyes involuntarily look at Mo Yun. Mo Yun just coldly said, \”her meaning is my meaning\”. Tong Junlan thought for a moment and said, \”I can promise you. Your request is not worth mentioning compared with what you have done. I can promise you.\”. \”Well, I\’m all right.\” Jane Xi looked back, looked at Wang Qianqian and pointed out. Wang Qianqian didn\’t know whether to be happy or sad, or hate and fear because of Jane Xi. The complex color of her expression made Tong Junlan more sure that Wang Qianqian had not been searched, controlled and lost her mind. Under Jian Xi\’s finger, Wang Qianqian fainted to the ground. \”I\’ll let people look at her first. Now please move the Taoist friends. I\’m lucky to know so many friends today. I\’ll prepare thin wine and vegetable dishes today to express my gratitude. Tongtong, please entertain the Taoist friends. You are similar in age, better communicate and walk.\” Tong Junlan changed his seriousness just now, A group of talking and laughing led the people to the dining place not far away. The decoration of the city Lord\’s mansion is quite good. It is very majestic. However, Jian Xi and Yu Shanshan have returned from the advanced mainland, and they have no special feeling about the city Lord\’s mansion in front of them. Mo Yun simply chose to ignore these foreign objects, while Jian Nan is also a School of clouds, smiling and talking with Tong Junlan side by side. Chapter 541 fire scale fruit and non attribute skill Jian Xinyan, Xin Yu and Shao Yanyong, as well as their followers, are all elites in the sect. Their sects are much better than the main ones in Philadelphia. Therefore, they are not surprised at this. There is no strange and amazing color. Of course, there is no expression of contempt and irony. Everything is very calm, Let the Tong family father and daughter who have been observing secretly nod secretly, and be more sure that these people are not simple people, so it is necessary to make friends. During a meal, the host and the guest enjoyed each other. During the banquet, Tong Tong also took advantage of Tong Junlan\’s happiness and asked his father to go with Jane Xi. Under the eyes of Tong Junlan, Tong Junlan did not flinch. For a long time, Tong Junlan sighed after listening to a large explanation and guarantee from Tong Tong Tong: \”Tong Tong, it\’s your father who imprisoned you. Friars should fly in the sky as eagles, but your young eagle was cut off by your father and imprisoned by his side. Although your qualification is excellent, it also limits you. Although your father cares about your safety, he forgot that this is a world of cultivating immortals, a world of respect for the strong. Just go, go with Jian Daoyou and mo Taoist friends, I can rest assured that my father can\’t leave Philadelphia with you. Just be more careful. Listen to other people\’s opinions in everything. You can\’t be coquettish and capricious, you know? \”Tong Junlan said with a long heart and a loving and reluctant face. \”I will, Dad. Tongtong knows where her weakness is. After going out, Tongtong will listen more, see more and talk less. Dad, don\’t worry. You will be proud of this daughter.\” Tong Tong originally wanted to steal and leave with Jane Xi this morning, but so many things happened today, but she changed her mind and planned to take a risk to ask her father. She thought of her father\’s anxiety and worry after she stole away. She couldn\’t help feeling ashamed of her previous hasty decision. Jane regretted that she didn\’t tell her father about leaving together this morning. I\’m going to run away from home and leave without saying goodbye. Now I should have regretted it and asked my father\’s opinion again. I couldn\’t help laughing. I\’m really a wayward child. Fortunately, I can still be saved, otherwise I really don\’t want to take her. Jane regretted that these people didn\’t go back to the inn, but directly lived in the city master\’s house. The friars were very happy about this. There\’s no luggage anywhere. A ring. It\’s all solved. Besides, these people are going to leave today, so the expenses of the inn have been settled long ago. In addition, Zhao Xiaohan, Guo Xia and Yu xiaopang were also forced by Tong Tong to go back and ask their \”parents\”. If the family disagreed, they would not follow. The three had no choice but to do so. Who had been led by Tong Tong! The accommodation conditions of Jian Xi and others here are much better than that of the inn. There is a Juling array in each room. There is also a spirit vein below the city Lord\’s residence. Although it is smaller than the medium-sized spirit vein, it is the best in the whole region. So the aura here is good. Relatively speaking, of course. There are many rooms where they live. Each of them is a separate room. Jian Xi arranged the night wind and rain next to her, while the next door on the other side is Jian Xinyan, followed by Yu Shanshan. Xin Yu naturally and carelessly entered Yu Shanshan\’s next room, and Yu wenyanying found his own room, He also set his room next to Xinyu for the first time. But she also took a deep look at Yu Shanshan\’s room while choosing a room. Moyun chose the room next to the night wind and rain. He looked at the night wind and rain with cold eyes. How could the two children snatch his place in such a short time. Such a small child is really not cute. After chatting with Jian Xinyan, Yu Shanshan and others, Jian Xi was not idle. She called the two brothers and sisters into her room and waved to set a ban. The room was very spacious, luxurious, but not vulgar. Jane Xi rarely had the opportunity to live in such a room. This is different from the heaven and earth house, because there are not only fixed decorations there, but also many soft decorations. The decoration here is magnificent. To be honest, Jane Xi really feels very fresh, but she won\’t let the two children see it.

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