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The old lady looked at Li Siyu and looked at her for a while. Seeing that she was dressed simply and clean, she nodded with satisfaction.

In fact, the sea blue beast itself does not have much value, especially for high-level friars, but this kind of sea blue grass can only grow in the sea blue beast tomb. Only on the body of the sea blue beast that has been precipitated and mutated for countless years can it grow sea blue grass. However, few people have heard of this kind of sea blue grass in recent thousands of years, because no one knows the value of sea blue grass, and no one has the danfang of sea blue grass, so no one goes to look for the sea blue animal tomb and sea blue grass. Han Xing and Jian Xi, who know all this, think it\’s a good thing for them. No one finds it or looks for it. In other words, the probability that they can find it will be higher. In addition, the \”Purple Coral\” is also the product of the deep sea. There are also all kinds of beautiful corals in the sea on earth, which are piled up by a large number of corals with different shapes. Different colors. Similarly, there are corals in the sea on spiral Hill star, but the aura here determines that the corals here are not simple. The vitality of coral insects is stronger, more beautiful and fantastic. There are a few mutated species with five elements and mutated psychic attributes. The coral with the five element psychic power attribute is quite rare. Not to mention the coral with variable psychic attributes‘ Zidian coral \’is the most precious Zidian attribute among lightning attributes. It was even more difficult to find such coral. They looked at the material and looked at each other. It seems that this is more difficult to obtain than that \’sea bluegrass\’! This kind of coral with psychic properties is also a common raw material for alchemy, so unlike \”seaweed\”, it is not known to the public. If no one pays attention, the probability of being discovered by them will increase a lot. Everyone knows it\’s a good thing. Everyone will grab things. It\’s not generally difficult for them to get them! Although Jane Xi refined elixirs at night and in the sun, there were a large number of top-quality eight product elixirs with three circles of elixir halo. The nine pill has never been refined into one, which makes her a little discouraged. Where can ordinary alchemists have such confidence. So much precious spiritual medicine is wasted? Who like her can refine the same pill every day and have sufficient materials? Even so. She didn\’t let her alchemy go any further. When she checked the collected spiritual herbs, she found that only the two materials were not ready, so she discussed with Han Xing. It\’s better for them to go to sea together to find the two materials, and let her alchemy have some anxious peace of mind. Han Xing also agreed to see that she worked hard to refine elixir for her father, which made him feel bad for a long time. However, she blocked her every time, and he could only desperately find the materials of \”Huitian elixir\”. Because of this, he could gather so many spiritual plants in just half a year. There was also a part of Jane cherishing herself. Now, seeing that she finally wanted to have a rest, naturally, they would agree immediately. After they told Qijie Xunyuan, Jian Dongjian, Fang Ruoyu and Yuan\’s parents about this, they came out of the fog gorge in the sound of five people\’s advice. Wu Gorge, where Jane Xi has lived for half a year, has been familiar with the environment here. She left her four elders here. That time, she fell into the hands of Qi Jiekang, which has left her with lingering fear. She is afraid that if such a thing happens again, she will regret her death. Her death doesn\’t matter. It may involve her family and fall with her, which is her sin. Wuxia is very safe. They are placed here with Qijie Xunyuan. They are not worried that they will be lonely. They are very relieved. All the people in Wuxia are loyal to Qijie letter star. There is no betrayal here. This is the most reassuring point for Jane Xi. They went out of the fog gorge. Han Xing decided to accompany Jian Xi back to xuantianzong first. After all, it has been almost a year since Jian Xi came out. His intelligence network had already learned that the people of the sect were looking for her, but she was anxious to improve her level of alchemy, so she had not been out of the fog gorge. Now that she came out, she went back to xuantianzong first to see what happened to the sect looking for her. Anyway, they also know that the recent xuanqiu star is relatively calm, but this is only relative, because the stupid method of identifying evil cultivation that Jane Xi has now become popular all over the world, even the Buddhist scriptures are the same. A large number of demons were found out. At the same time, the residual souls in the body were purified, but the demons were not removed. Most of them were taken care of by their families and the Pope alone, regardless of whether they were released. Wuxia is very safe. They are placed here with Qijie Xunyuan. They are not worried that they will be lonely. They are very relieved. All the people in Wuxia are loyal to Qijie letter star. There is no betrayal here.

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