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Of course, she doesn\’t want to live such a simple life.

\”This woman is not easy,\” Fang Yang said in his heart. \”That\’s good. No matter what, success or failure depends on each action.\” Wu fan nodded in his heart. Then Wu fan turned his head and said to the crowd: \”You guys, after so many years of brothers, I won\’t talk much nonsense. I won\’t treat my brothers badly if I become prosperous in the future!\” no one spoke, but everyone gave Wu fan a knowing smile. Seeing this, Wu fan patted his head gently: \”It\’s my affectation. OK! Let\’s go. Kill a man in the city Lord\’s residence today and turn his back on his horse. Teach those bastards in Huoyu county a good lesson. Shit, we\’re active in this territory. They don\’t want us less in Huoyu county. Today is the time for revenge!\” With that, Wu fan took the lead in walking towards the door, and the others followed. However, when Wu fan came to the door, he turned around and gave the old man 61 a look. Fang Yang saw all this. Including when Wu fan just talked to the people, Fang Yang sincerely sighed in his heart: \”the friendship between these people seems really good.\” Fang Yang knew that Wu fan would not let him go, but Fang Yang didn\’t blame Wu fan. It\’s understandable. It\’s enough to protect the people around him in this world. After Wu fan and others left, there was some silence in the courtyard for a moment. \”What do you call this brother?\” He raised his eyebrows and glanced at the old man in front of him. Fang Yang smiled. \”Call me Liu Xun.\” the big man said faintly. Fang Yang knew that most of these people\’s names were not true. Even the names on the dragon and snake list were just their pseudonyms. \”Elder brother Wu said, you can go back to the room and wait, little brother. I won\’t disturb you. When elder brother Wu and they finish their work, they will naturally come and let you go. If they offend you, there will be more understanding.\” at this time, Liu Xun suddenly said. Listening to this, Fang Yang smiled gently, stood in place and pondered a little, and then said in a condensing voice: \”should it be almost?\” \”What?\” Liu Xun wondered. \”They should have gone a long way.\” Fang Yang asked faintly. \”Well, they should.\” Liu Cheng replied without a word. He was not in a hurry to start with Fang Yang. He knew that Fang Yang still had some strength. Wu fan told him yesterday, so he\’d better find the best time and do Fang Yang without being aware of it. Moreover, Fang Yang is kind to himself after all. If he really conflicts with Fang Yang, Liu Cheng will still have a little in his heart Some uncomfortable. \”In that case, brother Liu, don\’t pretend. Aren\’t you tired?\” Fang Yang smiled faintly. \”What do you mean?\” hearing this, Liu Xun\’s face was solemn, and the whole person became serious immediately.

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