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Li Siyu remembers that before leaving, Zhang Xuewen told the guard to inform the accounting office. Why doesn\’t this man seem to know?

\”Believe me, let me have a try. You may get a perfect daughter. If you don\’t believe me, kill me. It\’s a big deal that your daughter will be buried with you.\” Fang Yang looks like a rogue who is not afraid of boiling water. He looks at Meng Xiong firmly. He is not worried at all, because Fang Yang knows how much Meng Xiong loves his daughter. As long as there is a little possibility, he will never give up. Chapter 134 silver needle help \”Meng Xiong! Do you really want to let him go? You have to think about it clearly!\” Xu Wei\’s heart sank when he saw Xiao Lin\’s death. He knew that the blood Sabre villa was at Grandma\’s house this time. He hated Fang Yang to the bone, and now he saw Meng Xiong\’s heart. He couldn\’t help shouting. Meng Xiong looked at him, frowned slightly, and didn\’t take his words to heart. After a little hesitation, he decided: \”OK! I\’ll believe you once. However, if you dare to deceive me, I won\’t let you die so easily!\” Xu Wei was speechless. He was badly hurt under the previous thunder fire bead. Since Meng Xiong didn\’t want to do it, he naturally didn\’t dare to do anything. Fang Yang smiled slightly: \”you\’re wise.\” He didn\’t hurry or slow. He first rolled down the storage ring on Xiao Lin\’s hand. After all, this guy is the son of the Deputy cabinet leader and the treasure in his hand is indispensable. Apart from anything else, the earth vessel pill alone is a good thing. Then Fang Yang went to the green Bull Demon. \”What are you doing?\” Xu Wei stared at him. \”Get out of the way.\” Fang Yang scolded. He didn\’t care about Xu Wei\’s red face. He came to the center of the green Bull Demon\’s eyebrow, stabbed it with the nine palace sword, tore open the flesh and blood, and saw a green light rushing out and the mysterious gas spreading. A crystal the size of a dragon eye in the eyebrow heart of the green Bull Demon is the inner pill of the big demon! \”What are you going to do?\” Meng Xiong\’s expression was not good-looking. Fang Yang\’s present posture was so relaxed that he felt ignored. \”Get ready.\” Fang Yang said a word back to him, and then openly received the inner pill into the storage ring. At this time, Duan Ling shouted excitedly: \”Well done! Take away the complete horn of the big demon. That thing is a good material for refining xuanbing. Forget the rest.\” Fang Yang nodded silently and put away a huge blue horn half the size of a man. Finally, he came to the chest of the green Bull Demon. After tearing open the flesh and blood, he revealed his huge heart. Although the green Bull Demon was dead, the huge heart still beat from time to time, which showed how strong the vitality of the demon was. Fang Yang took out a porcelain vase, stabbed his heart and filled three bottles of heart The blood stopped. Then he went to the position of the carriage. When passing by Xu Wei, he kicked him in the ass and nearly kicked Xu Wei to a dog to eat shit.

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