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Just in case, Li Siyu plans to stay away from this man.

\”You don\’t have to struggle. You can\’t get rid of my evil soul chain. Don\’t say it\’s you. Even a later martial artist in the empty hell realm who is the same as me can\’t get rid of me under the entanglement of more than 100000 evil souls!\” Xue Mu was elated: \”Your Xuanqi is sealed and your knowledge of the sea is forbidden. Even if you have any more skills, you can\’t show them. Now, xuanjing belongs to me!\” He grabbed Fang Yang\’s storage ring and read it in his heart. He forcibly broke Fang Yang\’s soul mark. When Xue\’s tomb turned over, he saw three bright lights in front of him. Water xuanjing, earth xuanjing and gold xuanjing all rushed out in turn. The mysterious Qi of the three attributes was as powerful as the sea. Xue\’s tomb was stunned, and then there was ecstasy: \”Three xuanjing! You have three xuanjing in your hand? Hahaha, God help me. With these three xuanjing, I have five xuanjing in my hand, which is just enough to refine this ancient cave!\” Xue\’s heart itched when he got three xuanjing. He wanted to refine this ancient cave. Now everything is under his control. After refining the cave, the road of cultivation must be very magnanimous in the future! Thinking of this, Xue\’s shriveled face smiled. He put xuanjing away and grinned at Fang Yang, revealing his broken yellow teeth: \”I want to thank you, boy, for saving me a lot of effort. I think you have such a credit. Now let me refine you into a corpse!\” \”Hahaha, I gave you a chance. You don\’t listen. Now I don\’t need you anymore. But I won\’t let you die happily. I want to refine your soul, make you suffer day and night, leave a good trunk and become a corpse general under me. I can make the best use of everything.\” \”You have a good physique. You\’re better than the corpse of my previous master in the empty and dark world. Refining into a corpse general will surely make great contributions to me!\” He laughed, his Adam\’s apple trembled hard, and after taking a mouthful of saliva, he saw a strange bulge in his throat, quickly upstream, and the last mouth, the black bead covered with yellow and green gastric juice was pinched in his hand. Xue Mu carefully wiped the bead. It can be seen that the light on the bead is much dimmer, which should be because all the wrongs have dispersed. \”This soul nourishing pearl is my most precious treasure. It needs more precious existence than the green grain xuanbing. Now that there are no wronged souls, you can be the first. Use your body to nourish the beads and use the beads to feed the trunk. You will certainly become an excellent corpse!\” While he was talking, he threw out the black beads. Xue Mu\’s hands were sealed and his mouth highlighted a series of complicated languages that he couldn\’t understand. The black beads streamed brightly and rotated rapidly, and a suction force also spread rapidly from above. Fang Yang only felt that the sea was shocked. The soul source who had been sitting quietly over the sea began to break away slowly under the operation of the beads When he opened, his flesh and blood trembled. It seemed that an invisible big hand was clutching his body. He was very uncomfortable. \”Absorb the soul?\” Fang Yang\’s face sank. In the nine palace sword, Duan Ling\’s voice also said with some consternation: \”soul pearl, how can it be such a thing? This guy has a good chance to get this kind of treasure.\” \”do you know?\” Fang Yang endured the feeling of soul stripping and hurriedly asked, \”it\’s a rare treasure, and I don\’t know the specific origin. But it has many functions. Hum, it\’s the stupidest way for him to use black beads to refine enemy souls!\”

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