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It\’s necessary to go out. This place is so big that there will be a black market.

Now the remaining ten martial arts masters are all worried about the follow-up actions. Xiao Changsheng looks ugly: \”although it\’s enough for us to kill Fang Yang, it\’s extremely inconvenient to have too few hands.\” his eyes flicker for a while, as if he thought of something, \”By the way, do you know what black tooth came here for?\” \”black tooth? Isn\’t it also to find an opportunity to break through the early Yang?\” Tai Wuji said. \”Since you want to break through to Chu Yang, there\’s a lot to do! There are many complete corpses of martial artists in Chu Yang between the mausoleum. You can invite him. With the help of black tooth group, it\’s easier for us to kill Fang Yang and Zhan Chu!\” Tai Wuji raised his eyebrow: \”black tooth group? Aren\’t you afraid to lead wolves into the house?\” \”Hum, there\’s nothing to worry about. Anyway, there\’s the body of the ancestors of the Zhan family. As long as it doesn\’t fall into the hands of Zhan Chu\’s ambitious guy, it\’s no problem to fall into anyone\’s hands. Besides, even if the black tooth has two hearts, we don\’t have the power to fight.\” He looked at the silent Li Bei. Li Bei is also the peak of the empty and dark realm. Although black teeth are strong, Li Bei may not be much weaker. Li Bei is like a cold stone and said coldly, \”I just want Fang Yang to die!\” \”well, that\’s settled. I\’m responsible for contacting black teeth to discuss the matter.\” Xiao Changsheng said. The rest of the crowd naturally had no objection. So Xiao Changsheng set off directly and went to the location of the black tooth regiment. As long as he could recruit the people from the black tooth regiment, their action to encircle Fang Yang must be sure! On the other side, after a few days\’ rest, Fang Yang and others had recovered, even the most injured battle Chu was in good condition. In the cave, there was a flow of divination between Xiao Si\’s eyebrows. For a quarter of an hour, his eyebrows trembled and dispersed slowly. Xiao Si said, \”I have found the approximate location. It is three hundred miles southeast of here, covering a huge hill.\” Zhan Chu was shocked and suddenly got up. \”OK! Let\’s start now!\” chapter 245 water moon array Fang Yang and Zhan Chu left the cave and sped away towards the location of the tomb explored by Xiao Si. The five people walked a long distance and saw a non magnificent mountain one after another, with a clear lake in front of the mountain. \”What\’s that? Someone is fighting!\” it\’s from the beast palace and Shuiyue mountain! \”Sun Manzi and Xin Guihua opened their mouths one after another, and everyone looked at them together.

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