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Li Siyu went to the security section and saw the middle-aged uncle sitting inside. He said, comrade, I\’m the Secretary of deputy mine director Zhang Xuewen. My name is Li Siyu.

\”No wonder you have such strength but your native place is unknown,\” Feng Wuji murmured. If he is Fang Yang, then everything makes sense. Feng Wuji had been puzzled for a long time. From the means revealed by Fang Yang, his combat power is absolutely strong, but even if he has been hiding in the mountains for cultivation, he should not have no reputation at this time. It\’s not that you don\’t have a reputation. It\’s because your reputation is so big that you have to use a pseudonym. \”I didn\’t expect that you dared to come to Tiance mansion to attend the selection meeting of Chunyang Zhenzong. Don\’t you know how many people in Tiance mansion want to take your life? Not only people from the life and death Pavilion and the first-class clan, but also people from the upper class of the dynasty who want to kill you.\” Feng Wuji said silently, \”Besides, I\’m from the general family and the Feng family. Are you not afraid that if you tell me your true identity, I\’ll be surrounded by blockbuster experts?\” Fang Yang shrugged: \”There are many people who want to kill me, but I\’m still fine now. On the contrary, many of them are dead. If it wasn\’t for the inconvenience of revealing their identity because they wanted to enter Chunyang Zhenzong, I wouldn\’t hide my name. As for publicity,\” he looked deeply at Feng Wuji, then shook his head and said, \”you\’re not that kind of person.\” Feng Wuji smiled: \”I don\’t know whether to be happy or angry if I can be praised by the notorious villain Fang Yang.\” then he looked serious: \”I didn\’t hear what you said earlier. I only know you are my life-saving benefactor Yang Huo. If the Feng family really wants to be hostile to Fang Yang in the future, I won\’t keep my hand.\” Feng Wuji turned to Feng Xiaojiu again, \”Xiao Jiu, my attitude is your attitude, you know?\” \”yes! Don\’t worry, young master Feng. Brother Yang Huo is our life-saving benefactor. Although Xiao Jiu doesn\’t expect anything in return, he won\’t do anything to fall into a well.\” \”well.\” Feng Wuji nodded and said later, \”Since you have pure Yang Xuanqi, you should have some protection to collect pure Yang Bodhi, at least not hurt by fire. But even so, it is difficult to escape from the fire Unicorn when you can\’t use the small move sign in the crater.\” I\’m sure. \”Fang Yang said. Seeing that Fang Yang said so, Feng Wuji said after hesitating for a while, he gritted his teeth and said: \”OK! Let\’s fight!\” \”we\’ll start at midnight tonight. At that time, the Yin Qi is the heaviest, which can more or less restrict Huo Qilin\’s movement.\” Fang Yang said that they didn\’t have any opinion. After the three decided, they began to make preparations by themselves. Fang Yang took out a bottle of five yuan real elixir and gave it to Feng Wuji. Feng Wuji was shocked when he saw that he gave himself the kind of powerful pill he had swallowed before. Unexpectedly, Fang Yang had so many in his hand. With the pill to protect himself, Fang The sun threw out a number of mysterious soldiers one after another to consume them, and then kept them in good condition. With the passage of time, the sunset fell West, and the surrounding area was finally dark. However, at the crater, it was still red and shiny, which was eye-catching. After half a day of breathing, the wind was traceless and small Their strength has been restored to its peak. They separated the pills for a rainy day. \”It\’s time to do it!\” Fang Yang said. \”OK, I\’ll go out and lead the fire Unicorn out later. Xiao Jiu, you can\’t fight hard. You know?\” Feng Wuji told me.

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