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The man shook and fell at Li Siyu\’s feet.

\”This\” Fang Yang\’s expression changed slightly. His mysterious Qi was sealed by this ring of unknown origin! \”Giggle, don\’t struggle. Do you still want to break free after you have been hit by the mysterious ring of Miss Ben\’s water soul lock? Unless you are a martial artist in Tianyang territory, come here obediently.\” a burst of charming smile came out, and a graceful figure fell on the side. Ao Ling was a little elated. He was excited to hold a water rope, and the other part of the rope was set on the blue ring on Fang Yang\’s body. Fang Yang looked at her quite speechless. \”What are you doing? There seems to be no hatred between us.\” \”not at first, but it has just happened.\” Ao Ling raised his eyebrow and hummed, \”it\’s a great mistake that you dared to ignore me before!\” Fang Yang smiled bitterly and then said: \”Then I know I\’m wrong. I apologize to you. I shouldn\’t ignore the Dragon fairy, so you\’ll explain it to me.\” \”the beauty of thinking!\” looking at Fang Yang\’s posture, Ao Ling is even more proud, \”My anger won\’t disappear so easily. You\’re Fang Yang. So many people caught you and were killed by you. Now you\’re in my hands. Doesn\’t that mean my strength? I must take you around Longyuan mansion and let others know!\” She seems to feel that her idea is really excellent. She has a bright and moving smile on her face. Chapter 364 Fang Yang in Luofeng Valley knows that this matter can not be solved smoothly by looking at the smile on AO Ling\’s face. His mysterious Qi moves slightly and wants to try to break away from the ring, but he tries many times and Fang Yang gives up. The water soul lock mysterious ring on him should be a secret ring This purple stripe level xuanbing is specially used to bind people. Although its lethality is mediocre, once it is tied by this ring, it is not so easy to escape by itself. At this time, the pure Yang Xuanqi can not be used, and Fang Yang can\’t play even if he has the ability to connect with heaven. \”Just take me around Longyuan mansion?\” Fang Yang said. Ao Ling looked carefully at Fang Yang\’s bound arms and said, \”it\’s not very good-looking, but as long as it\’s like this.\” She played several Dharma formulas with both hands and watched the blue ring on Fang Yang\’s body flash and disappear on Fang Yang. However, Fang Yang himself knew that the ring did not disappear, but entered his inner house. The blue ring tightly sealed the mysterious Qi in his inner house, so that he couldn\’t use any mysterious Qi in stocking. He sighed secretly and seemed to want to put it into play Taking off the Dragon fairy is not such a simple thing. Fang Yanggang wanted to say something. His heart jumped suddenly and seemed to feel something. He turned around and saw that his body fell quickly in the wilderness behind him. As soon as the figure fell, he stared at Fang Yang and shouted excitedly, \”Fang Yang is here!\” He was one of the seven people in Shenxiao sword sect, but his cultivation was only at the top level of the empty and dark realm. Fang Yang\’s face was heavy and his secret path was bad. He delayed too much time here and was caught up by the other party. After all, this place is just a wilderness, and there is no hiding place at all. Even if you can see them several miles apart, you can recognize him It can\’t be simpler. And the appearance of this man means that the people of Shenxiao sword sect will arrive soon. Ao Ling has no malice towards herself. It\’s OK to fall into her hands, but once it falls into the hands of those people of Shenxiao sword sect, Fang Yang will only die!

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