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When Hu Xiaomei, who lit a good fire in the kitchen, came out, Li Siyu had left.

\”I have been meditating in Longyuan dungeon for 50 years, breaking through heaven and man. Now, there is no reason for you to perform your duties. Today, I will come to Longyuan again and be proud of roaring thunder Lin.\” Longyuan is shining with gold, and he is arrogant and ambitious. Long Wushuang struggled to get up, and his face was full of anger and unwilling: \”I can\’t do this. How can the Longyuan Dynasty, which I have worked hard to control, fall back into your hands again! Today is different from the past, the Nuo Da Longyuan Dynasty has long been divided up by us. There is no one available under you, even if you live!\” \”there is no one available? Hehe, do you really think so?\” Long Yuan smiled calmly. At this time, the light suddenly surged from the distant sky, and the body shapes quickly fell here. Fang Yang\’s eyes swept away and his pupils narrowed. There were thousands of people in the sky, and there were three martial artists in the Tianyang realm! Who is it? A moment later, the line of people in the sky had fallen in front of the people. Facing Longyuan, more than a thousand people directly knelt on one knee, kowtowed and shouted. \”Minister, see the Dragon Emperor!\” his voice echoed around the world. \”It\’s you! You\” dragon peerless saw this group of people, and there was decadence behind the stagnation. Fang Yang was also able to see the people standing in front. A total of three people took the lead, one wearing a blue Python robe, with thick moisture in his body and solemn face. A middle-aged handsome, white faced, wearing a blue shirt. The last one is a bloated old man with weak breath and closed eyes. After a sweep, Fang Yang also recognized the identity of these people. Wearing a blue Python robe is the head of the Dragon King\’s house, the Dragon King Ao Hai! The handsome middle-aged man without white face is the Lord of Shenhe mansion, the son of Wang Changhe, Wang Yan! As for the last person, Fang Yang\’s heart sank when he saw this person. Only then did he understand. No wonder, no wonder I haven\’t found this person\’s whereabouts after looking for so long in Mingshan mansion. It is rumored that he is half dead. How can he leave alone? I dare to say that he has gathered together with the Dragon King. This old man is the nameless head of Mingshan mansion, Liao Xingwen! These three leaders, who have been the longest since the opening of the dynasty, unexpectedly gathered together and appeared here together at this time. Fang Yang also heard long Moyu say that there was a change in Shenhe mansion and the Dragon King\’s mansion. I dare to feel that their change was not for the fight between long Moyu and the dragon, but to welcome the Dragon Emperor. Long Yuan\’s indifferent eyes swept behind him and nodded slightly: \”yes, it seems that you haven\’t been slack during my absence. Instead, you have cultivated a batch of people who are not weak.\” \”long Huang, Liao Xingwen, Shouyuan is approaching, and please ask the long Huang to do it first.\” Long Wang Aohai helped Mingshan mansion leader Liao Xingwen. \”It\’s a small matter. You\’re loyal, and naturally I won\’t sit back and ignore it.\” when he spoke, his wrist shook, and a drop of golden blood suddenly squeezed out of Longyuan\’s index finger, and went towards Liao Xingwen. Where he touched his eyebrows, he didn\’t enter his sea of knowledge. In an instant, the golden light flows and wraps Liao Xingwen\’s body in it.

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