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During this period, Pei Zihao came to get white flour. It seems that his spirit is not very good. Li Siyu didn\’t ask. It\’s not good to inquire too much about other people\’s private affairs.

Once the four seas cup appeared, it also set off great waves. The palace here was neat and calm, but under the current of the waves in the four seas cup, it turned into a huge land of sea water in an instant. The sea was submerged, and even the huge palace gate ten feet high was swallowed up. Fang Yang frowned for fear of affecting the broken Kuishan. When he swept away his soul and found that Kuishan was still standing, he was a little relieved. The large waves urged by Zhao Xian not only did not affect Kui mountain, but made him fall into the sea. Under the cover of water and gas, he also protected him in a disguised form. But the dilemma Fang Yang has to face has greatly increased. The vast sea scene created by the four seas cup is a great trouble for Fang Yang, but for Zhao Xian, it takes advantage of the geographical advantage. He is a person who cultivates the mysterious Qi of water attribute. In addition, the four seas cup is his own thing. Although he has not been able to use 100% of the power of the flowing waves, as long as 20 to 30% of the water flow can make him control like his arms and fingers, it will be a difficult advantage! Zhao Xian stood on the sea, staring at Fang Yang coldly, full of cold killing intention. \”You really have some skills to use even the four seas cup I forced! However, that\’s the end! Now I\’ll let you die under the waves!\” after the roar, Zhao Xian was covered with blue light. As soon as he lifted his hands, he saw the sea water under him turn into two streams of water, covering his whole body, It\’s like Zhao Xian\’s body condenses a set of sea armor. Under this armor, it can not only greatly enhance his defense, but also make his affinity for the sea water here reach the strongest point. After finishing all this and keeping his state intact, Zhao Xian clapped his hands. Then, Fang Yang, who was suspended in the air, only felt that the waves under him suddenly came alive. Previously, it was a calm scene. In the blink of an eye, it was like a storm, the waves swept, and huge eddies were generated under his feet. When swept away, it seemed to devour everything. The water and gas in the palace here suddenly became completely violent. If it had been like light rain before, it would be like Blizzard and hail with full destructive power. Zhao Xian stood on the stormy sea with a fierce face and looked at Fang Yang. \”I want you to die!\” chapter 511 promotion Tianyang Zhao xianbang drank. As his voice fell, waves rose all over the world. As soon as he lifted his hands from bottom to top, he saw that the waves under him were surging and roaring one after another. Countless water waves condensed into roaring Water Dragons. With Zhao Xian\’s action, he also rushed away in front of Fang Yang. In these places of heaven and sea, Zhao Xian\’s water belongs to the Tao pattern, which is also used by all. The water dragon runs through and the waves are endless. In the opposite place, Fang Yang suddenly felt his whole body tight. Under the cover of countless moisture, his clothes had already been wet. At first, he didn\’t know anything, but when the water dragon appeared, Fang Yang felt that his clothes were immediately close to his body, like a rope tightly bound. Unexpectedly, he was imperceptibly filled with moisture and trapped him in place. Fang Yang\’s face changed slightly. I didn\’t expect this.

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