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It turned out that mother Li was one of Shen Ling\’s nannies. She treated Shen Ling very well, but she died two years ago. The cause of death was killed by mountain bandits.

\”The spirit is unstable?\” Fang Yang wondered. Kuishan explained, \”did you see the shadow behind the jiangbie tree yesterday?\” \”the wooden faced puppet? Remember.\” Fang Yang replied. \”That\’s the spirit of Jiang bieshu. When the martial arts in Tianyang reach the level of the unity of heaven and man, they can use their own spirit power. The spirit will emerge, bless the body and enhance their strength. When the unity of heaven and man, different forms will be derived according to your skill, called FA Xiang. Only when FA Xiang appears can they give full play to their strongest strength.\” Kui mountain road, \”Jiang bieshu\’s accomplishments shouldn\’t have been improved so fast. He used the evil method to put the dragon\’s blood, flesh, essence and Qi into his body and enhance his accomplishments. Because he didn\’t gradually improve the level of unity of heaven and man, the Dharma phase could not be presented completely. That\’s why he couldn\’t give full play to his own strength.\” \”that\’s why?\” Fang Yang is suddenly. What\’s more, he always feels that Jiang\’s tree\’s strength is not fully developed. There is not much threat. \”He revive the blood devil, that is, he wants to use the blood devil\’s secret technique to completely melt the essence of the dragon\’s flesh in the body, and make up for the law, so that it can be regarded as a real warrior of heaven and man.\” These things were heard by Kui Shan when he was occupied by the blood devil and chatted with Jiang bieshu. \”In this case, he will not give up on the blood devil.\” Fang Yang frowns. It\’s hard for them to be completely relieved that the blood devil and Jiang bieshu are not eliminated. Chapter 565 thousand eyes probe. Fang Yang talks with Kui mountain for a moment. At this time, the door knocks, and then sun rukong, Tong Yu and monk Mingjing come in. Sun rukong Mingxian has recovered completely. At a glance, he is full of mysterious Qi, powerful and fierce. He walks in a few steps, He arched his hand at Fang Yang: \”I don\’t thank you for your great kindness. My sun rukong owes you a hundred years of cultivation.\” When his state was restored, his face became a little dry and calm, and he was not good at words. After sleeping for three days, sun rukong felt that his breath was in full bloom, and there was no sign of injury. Although the injury of God and soul had not been healed, he also recovered. Coupled with the improvement of dragon\’s saliva wine for flesh and blood, his combat power was no better than before Not weak. Aware of this, sun rukong came to Fang Yang decisively and thanked him in person. Tong Yu was also shy and said, \”I had misunderstandings about what happened that day. I\’m here to make amends.\” \”it\’s all a small matter. I\’m in a hurry. There\’s no way.\” Fang Yang said. \”I don\’t know. What are you two going to do next?\” after a few words, sun rukong said bluntly, \”In the first World War a few days ago, our camp suffered serious losses, and more than 200 ordinary warriors were killed and injured. Jin Wenjun and tie Ping were killed, which greatly reduced our power. I don\’t know if you two are interested in staying?\” \”stay?\” Fang Yang was stunned. Unexpectedly, they would invite and turn around to look at Kui mountain.

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