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And isn\’t it still on her in the final analysis?

Mu Qian\’s figure was erratic. When Fang Yang\’s sword was cut off, he flew out like a fallen leaf, wiping his body to avoid Fang Yang\’s sword. Boom! The sword fell on the cloud ship, which was enough to accommodate thousands of huge cloud ships. With the flash of blue sword light, it was broken in two. Fang Yang stepped on the wreckage of the cloud ship and chased Muqian like a shadow. The sword light on the nine palace sword flashed into countless sharp Qi and shrouded Muqian. His eyes were thin. Facing Fang Yang\’s endless sword Qi, he was as unstable as falling leaves. Countless sword Qi rubbed his body, but he couldn\’t hurt himself. Fang Yang\’s eyebrows wrinkled greatly. His body method was so exquisite. If it goes on like this, it is difficult to hurt him. The sword blade in his hand is horizontal, and the mysterious Qi in his palm surges and claps out with one hand. At the same time, Fang Yang\’s clothes and robes turned black and his pure Yin and Xuanqi became great. The wind is howling! Fang Yang\’s palm directly burst out a fierce Yin wind. The Yin wind swept away and instantly included thousands of eyes. The attack made by the Yin wind in all directions made it difficult for his ethereal figure to dodge. Seeing that he could not extricate himself from falling into the Yin wind, his right eye opened a little. From between his eyes, a bright light suddenly surged out. When the pure light touched the Yin wind, it burst instantly. The originally rotating strong wind collapsed instantly, as if it had been torn apart by something. Fang Yang\’s mind suddenly tightened. After his eyes broke his Yin wind, he no longer dodged. Instead, he raised his eyes and looked at Fang Yang. When Fang Yang swept a faint light between the open eyelids, the spirit was shocked. He kept running Xuanqi to wrap himself. At the same time, an invisible violent Xuanqi suddenly swarmed towards Fang Yang. Fortunately, he operated the Xuanqi to protect his body in time. Otherwise, under the crowded Xuanqi, his body would inevitably end up in the end of the previous warrior. There was too much Xuanqi, and his body could not support and burst! Is this pupil surgery? Fang Yang was surprised, but the movement in his hand didn\’t stop. The nine palace swords flew out one by one, flashing, and the sword Qi flew, condensing a sword circle again. \”Sword star!\” Fang Yang grabbed his five fingers and shouted. The star light on the blade is bright, and the sword Gang floats, directly covering Muqian. At the same time, Fang Yang was not idle. His body moved and rushed out. There was a dark gray light on the nine palace sword in his hand. The gray light entangled from the blade spread to his body, making Fang Yang look a little fuzzy and hit thousands of eyes. Under the cover of such a majestic sword Gang, it is almost unavoidable.

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