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But he also thought of the purpose of not wanting to entangle with emperor Cheng Yuan and the tragic death of the original work, and it was better for the Empress Dowager not to match up. Who knows whether he will end up in the original work, so he pretended to tremble and said, I\’m not afraid.

When Fang Yang\’s mind turned, he also quietly reminded Li Ya. When the staff arrived, they were about to start! Li Ya\’s body suddenly tightened. Fortunately, she was the only one, but it didn\’t attract the attention of the low group. Under the yellow sand, ordinary people\’s perception didn\’t work, but Fang Yang clearly \”looked\” At that time, the yellow sand flowed and formed a vortex, forming a huge quicksand Dharma array. It seemed that these people wanted to wait for them to fall into the range of the Dharma array, and then catch them all at once. Seeing that the people were moving forward, they were about to step into the range of the Dharma array. At this time, Fang Yang suddenly shouted, \”wait!\” All the people in front were stunned and turned to look at it. Fang Yang could feel that all the people hidden under the yellow sand were Xuanqi and ready to go. In this case, even when Fang Yang reminded that the first thought was not to believe, the low group of people would burst out instantly and cause great losses. So he could only say faintly: \”I\’m thirsty. Who\’s carrying the water?\” the team who looked at him doubted. They heard the words, their eyes flew wildly, and curses came. \”It\’s really your mother\’s drag. If you don\’t do anything, you dare to say you\’re thirsty.\” \”hum, it\’s needless to say. It must be talking to Li Ya. Your mouth is dry and your tongue is dry. It\’s a waste of everyone\’s time.\” Xu Zhen frowned, looked at Fang Yang strangely, and then threw a gourd: \”there is water in it.\” Fang Yang stretched out his hand to pick up the water gourd. When he saw that the water gourd was about to fall into his hand, the horse under him seemed frightened. He suddenly raised his front legs and threw Fang Yang out. Several stumbled to the ground and almost rolled. Such a scene also made more people laugh. Even a horse can\’t see well. Such a person has to dare to accept the challenge of boss Xu. Pa. water gourd Lu fell in the distance. Fang Yang scratched his head and walked over a few steps: \”I\’ll pick it up.\”

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