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However, as soon as Shen Ling arrived at the flower appreciation banquet, she saw some young ladies at the banquet, some people were depressed, and she didn\’t see the high interest before. Especially the leader of Chenghe County, his face was dark.

When Wansen mentioned the name, Fang Yang also drew many memories. Unexpectedly, she also became a dragon king. When she thought of the last account of Zhan Chu who died, Fang Yang was in high spirits. Anyway, she had to save Zhan Lingshui! You can\’t keep her under the control of Zhan life! These six people are the Dragon King Wansen knows. As for the remaining two people, they are extremely mysterious. Even if he is the same Dragon King, he has never seen or even heard. Knowing this will be of great help to Fang Yang. At least, he has a locked goal! \”Next, I\’m coming with these Dragon Kings one by one.\” Fang Yang Shen said, the prelude to the war, but it\’s just the beginning, and there\’s really something behind it! Chapter 747 Fang Yang of the Fenghuo tribe did not return to the beast mountain. Just before he went back, he was summoned by Liu situ. The Fenghuo tribe in the Jialuo Dynasty was killed and needed support. So Fang Yang also went directly to the place where the Fenghuo tribe was located. Fenghuo tribe is one of the three major tribes in the Jialuo Dynasty. It has rich heritage and strong power. It is precisely because of this that they are also in the front line in the face of the invasion of the Longyuan Dynasty. Under the repeated strong attack of 100000 soldiers, Fenghuo tribe suffered a lot. If it\’s just the soldiers of the government, the key to the action against the Fenghuo tribe is the shadow of the Dragon King. The Dragon King, the most powerful warrior of the Longyuan Dynasty, can\’t be underestimated anywhere. Except Fang Yang, there is no news that the second Dragon King can be resisted. It can be seen how strong the Dragon King is. It is precisely because of the assistance of the Dragon King that the Fenghuo tribe has come to this point. When Fang Yang heard the news of the Dragon King, he did not hesitate to go to the position of the Fenghuo tribe. The Fenghuo tribe is located on the front line of the Garo Dynasty. The people in the tribe are ancient clans. They are good at controlling the power of Fenghuo. They are extremely powerful and have surging combat power. When Fang Yang arrived here, more than one third of the original 70000 people of Fenghuo tribe had been lost, and most of the remaining people were disheartened. This is still because of foreign aid. Jianghe mountain villa, one of the three rebel forces, is now in the Fenghuo tribe. If they didn\’t help and can barely resist the Dragon King, the damage of the current Fenghuo tribe would have to go to a higher level. After seeing Fang Yang, Fenghuo tribe also set off an upsurge. At this time, the word Fang Yang was very popular in the Jialuo Dynasty. Everyone knew it. The existence of killing the Dragon King can not be seen at any time. Once Fang Yang can stop the Dragon King, it will be enough to greatly reduce their pressure. Jianghe personally took people to Fang Yang. The person he took was a simple middle-aged man with red hair and awe inspiring breath. After seeing Fang Yang, they also expressed their gratitude.

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