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Hearing the speech, Empress Dowager Yang was relieved just now, but this matter has become her heart disease. Zhao\’er, I\’m afraid it won\’t work. You must accept a concubine. You also saw the flower feast a few days ago. Who do you like?

Fang Yang hurriedly urged the yin-yang Xuanqi in his body. The yin-yang Xuanqi entered the flesh and blood, quickly expelled the Golden Dragon force left on his arms, and restored the trauma suffered by Fang Yang. In an instant, the trauma on Fang Yang\’s arm has recovered as before, but even so, it is difficult to alleviate his ugly look. The other party has such a congenital Xuanbao, but it is a great threat to him. As long as he hasn\’t damaged the Golden Dragon halberd for a moment, it shows that Fang Yang has been difficult to resist. Rao is strong in flesh and blood, but he can\’t stand this attack several times. \”It\’s really hard enough. My golden dragon halberd didn\’t kill you with one blow!\” long unparalleled looked at Fang Yang in the distance. He didn\’t expect that he could retreat all over to block his blow. He couldn\’t help narrowing his eyes and a look of surprise appeared on his face. But soon, surprise turned into ferocity. \”But so what! No matter how hard you are, as long as there is my golden dragon halberd, I can knock you to pieces! Die for me!!\” the Golden Dragon roars and spits out the dragon breath. The Golden Dragon halberd devours the dragon with its own bright light. Under the control of the unparalleled dragon, with a bang, the Golden Dragon halberd will fly out again, It impacted in front of Fang Yang. The golden light filled the air, and the fierce power broke out. He looked at the place where the Golden Dragon halberd passed, and the thunder sea split around. The light was filled with the sign of the golden light tail, which illuminated the whole sea of thunder and lightning. Between the roars, the sea of thunder and lightning rolled up bursts of vortices. This just hit Fang Yang again. Chapter 808 strongly broke gang bang bang. A powerful roar came out. In the sea water filled with the power of thunder and lightning, dragon peerless is still controlling the frequent attack of Golden Dragon halberd. Every attack of the Golden Dragon halberd directly impacts Fang Yang. With the help of the Golden Dragon halberd special belt, it can make the dragon power and Xuanqi ineffective. Every attack is real. Rao is Fang Yang\’s strong flesh and blood. Under his successive attacks, he suffered no small trauma. The power of this golden dragon halberd can\’t be underestimated. After the Golden Dragon halberd swallowed the dragon power of the golden dragon, the Dragon Power vibrated. Once the dragon power contained in it broke out, Fang Yang\’s whole body trembled. Fang Yang reluctantly resisted, but he still suffered a lot from the successive attacks of Golden Dragon halberd. The Golden Dragon halberd contains sharp dragon power. Although most of the attacks still rely on strong explosive power, each contact still brings the golden dragon power into Fang Yang\’s body. Long Li swam through the flesh and blood meridians, which also caused great damage to Fang Yang. On the one hand, Fang Yang has to use the effect of yin and Yang Xuanqi to quickly recover the injury left by the impact of the Golden Dragon halberd. On the other hand, he has to force out the Golden Dragon force left in his body. He is really busy.

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