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Shen Ling bent her knees and stood straight again.

\”Why!?\” Li Siyu stared at Lin Cheng who was going to enter the house with her, and said in a bad tone: \”I want to change my clothes!\” Lin Cheng touched his nose in embarrassment, and then turned and went out. Li Siyu glanced at him, closed the door and changed into a dark shirt. Now it\’s getting hotter and hotter. Li Siyu has begun to book short sleeves with Tao Dan. I\’ve seen a little girl wearing braji these two days. She\’s hot eyed, but she doesn\’t dare to buy it. One is that the clothes are too expensive, the other is that the clothes are fresh. She runs around every day. She wears too fancy and bad clothes, and her skirt is inconvenient. Lin Cheng wandered around outside and frowned when he saw Li Siyu coming out in a home clothes. Then I thought of something, and the corners of my mouth rose again. In the evening, the Li family finally had dinner. In the evening, steamed erhemen steamed bread, braised ribs, braised meat and stewed potatoes. The meat was so soft and rotten that Lincheng ate a big steamed bread. After dinner, Lincheng left. Li Siyu\’s eyes are about to send out a laser to sweep him. It\’s easy to be cleared out if you don\’t go again. \”Aunt, I\’ll see you again tomorrow.\” Lin Cheng waved his hand with a smile at the door. Li Siyu suddenly rushed out and scared the two people. \”Don\’t come, what do you want!\” Li Siyu really doesn\’t understand what Lin Cheng wants to do. He comes here all day to eat and drink? The deputy director of the grain factory still needs food and drink? She doesn\’t believe it, okay? Lin Cheng looked a little embarrassed. \”I\’ll see what happened to my aunt.\” \”hum.\” Li Siyu snorted coldly back to the yard.

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