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Seeing this, pearl said, don\’t believe it, girl. I\’ve been in this palace for a long time. I haven\’t seen your majesty like this.

She is also a civilian and is responsible for writing every day. Since Li Siyu came, sun Xiufen felt that her previous work was like making jokes. People have been here for less than a month, either writing blackboard newspapers or publishing newspapers. What about her? It\’s still the same, and other colleagues look like she can\’t hide. Such a situation makes sun Xiufen particularly hate Li Siyu. Why should she be in the limelight and be good for nothing. Sun Xiufen looked at director Zheng\’s office. A few days ago, director Zheng had asked Li Siyu to go to the office. It turned out that there was such a file in it. She thought director Zheng cared about her and scolded Li Siyu. Unexpectedly, she was asked to publish it in the newspaper? Sun Xiufen hated director Zheng this time. She felt that director Zheng must have taken advantage of Li Siyu. Otherwise, can she be so partial? Thinking of this, sun Xiufen strengthened her idea and must make Li Siyu look good! Make her stink! Everyone in the office is gone. Sun Xiufen dawdled and began her plan. Li Siyu didn\’t know anything about sun Xiufen. As soon as she got home, she saw Lin Cheng reading newspapers to the old lady. And Li Chengcai, as always, ran to the object\’s house. The content of the newspaper Lin Cheng read was Li Siyu\’s article. Seeing Li Siyu coming in, the old lady called her with a smile. \”It\’s still my old girl! It\’s all in the newspaper.\” it\’s a big event. The old lady doesn\’t know who to share such a big thing with. She went out for a walk this afternoon and was told that a circle of congratulations made her a little confused. Back home, Lincheng came to tell her about Li Siyu\’s newspaper and read it to her again. Although I didn\’t understand much, I still think the old girl is powerful. Chapter 126 Where did it come from

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