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Empress Dowager? Shen Ling was full of doubts.

Chapter 188 the utilized Li Si rainforest city turned to another young man next to Wei Si and asked, \”who is this?\” Wei Si glanced at the person next to him, his eyes full of appreciation, and said: \”this is my nephew, Wei Xingbo, who worked with me shortly after graduation.\” \”hello.\” Wei Xingbo smiled and nodded to him. Lin Cheng frowned slightly and nodded to him, \”hello.\” the first feeling in his heart was that he didn\’t like this person very much. I don\’t know why, he especially dislikes Wei Xingbo. Maybe he smiles? Wei Xingbo\’s eyes flashed from time to time. He knew that this man was not as simple as the surface. He looks like a smile and has a pair of peach eyes. How do you think it is annoying. Wei Xingbo:??? The four didn\’t eat. After Lin Cheng took Li Kang away, Wei Si looked at Wei Xingbo. \”Xingbo, what do you think of that man?\” he asked in a flat tone. Wei Xingbo thought for a moment and said, \”he is very smart and can\’t see through. Moreover, he seems to be very unhappy with me.\” he was a little confused. He felt why he was so hostile to him. Wei Si laughed, \”hahaha, Xingbo, this is the mutual dislike of smart people. You will take over my class in the future, and you will often meet Lin Cheng in the future.\” he had a hunch that if Lin Cheng had been in Baicheng, he would be Wei Xingbo\’s biggest opponent. Other young people are not so excellent at all. Therefore, if there is no Lincheng, Wei Xingbo has his name and will go well in the future. However, Wei Si didn\’t want to sweep the way for Wei Xingbo. People must have opponents to live, otherwise they will become lazy. Wei Xingbo also knows what his fourth uncle thinks, but he won\’t be afraid. There is a challenge, will stimulate. He stands out among many nephews. Can he be afraid of the forest city again? Lincheng went out of the hotel and said to Li Kang, \”sell the things as usual. Let stone go to Chuncheng to take those things and sell them together.\” \”by the way, Xu Weinan remembered to do it in the afternoon.\” Lincheng\’s voice was a little cold, and his words seemed to want him to beat a chicken cub. Li Kang nodded, \”I see.\” the two separated at the gate of the state-owned hotel.

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