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For a moment, he frowned delicately, and his breath became shorter.

As soon as she saw it, she pointed to the door and took fifty cents. She immediately smiled and said, \”I\’ll take you. Go, it\’s right in front.\” As soon as the man saw that he had benefits and had no previous depression, he took people forward. Li Siyu was very satisfied. She didn\’t care if some things could be solved with small things. The two came all the way to the gate of a quadrangle, and the aunt went up and knocked at the door. \”Is Lao Wu at home? I\’m Lao Zhang\’s at the end of the alley.\” After a while, the door was opened and a man of the same age as aunt came out. \”Oh, sister-in-law Zhang, why are you free?\” she asked with a gentle smile on her face. Aunt told Li Siyu that she wanted to buy a house. \”Talk about it. I\’ll go back to cook. Lao Zhang will come back later.\” \”well, you go back and be busy first.\” When the old Wu\’s aunt saw that someone had left, she turned her head and looked at Li Siyu. \”Do you want to buy a house? Should the price be clear?\” she saw that Li Siyu was very well dressed, but she might still be young. She was afraid of being small and couldn\’t decide with so much money. \”Otherwise, you\’d better call the family to talk to us?\” She doesn\’t trust a little girl to come and talk to her. What if the child doesn\’t understand anything and says she\’s a liar? Li Siyu knows her concerns. After all, there\’s no way for her to be young ~ \”don\’t worry, aunt. Since I can find it, I can make up my mind. Can I see the house first?\” The aunt hesitated for a moment, then nodded, left and right a little girl, and it was all right to see. \”Come in.\” after the two entered the courtyard, Li Siyu strolled by himself. There were three houses, each of which was about 60 square meters. There were still a lot of empty places in the yard, a stone table and grape shelves around. The pattern in the yard also looked very pleasant, mainly because of the large space. \”This yard is very good.\” Li Siyu nodded with satisfaction after looking around. The house is also newly built and not aging.

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