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This should be the strongest strength of this kid…

Shanghai shook his head slightly and didn\’t say anything. It was just a silly quarrel to continue. Arguing with these dudes, wouldn\’t he be full and nothing to do? If the other party really wants to do something outside, he will also make the other party regret it.Seeing Shanghai turned around and left, Silent and the others were startled.Brother Ling, that guy ran away.Follow up, no matter which crystal he buys, we will buy it first. If we want him to buy one today, we will force him to leave the Tianyu Gambling Shop, and then we will deal with him properly… Lingmud\’s face was gloomy. There was a deep chill in the eyes.Still keep up…Shanghai didn\’t look back, and he knew from perception that Ling Wuyan and others were following him, apparently intending to buy the crystallization of his fancy first as before.Since you want to buy, let you spend a little bit more. Shanghai\’s lips curled up, and he walked quickly, pretending to look at a crystal worth 900, and then said to the young man on the side: \”This A…\”I bought it… The man in the purple robe threw out more than 900 high-grade Yuanjing.You… Shanghai pretended to be angry and glared at the other person, while the latter raised his brows provocatively, making Silent\’s mood a little better at this moment.Ignoring the other party, Shanghai moved on.I need to……I bought this crystal!this……Seven hundred high-grade Yuanjing? It\’s just a trivial matter, this is the main thing.I buy this…This girl took a fancy, this is 800 high-grade Yuanjing.No matter which piece Shanghai fancy, Ling Wuyan and others will take the lead. The price will not even look at the price. These seven or eight hundred, at most thousands of top-grade Yuanjing, are nothing to them at all. In total, there are three to four hundred thousand high-grade Yuanjing, which is enough to buy hundreds of yuan.Seeing Shanghai\’s face full of anger, but with an angry and angry appearance, made the former depressed mood of Wuyan and others improved a lot. After a while, they laughed and laughed at Shanghai from time to time, thinking Forcing him to shoot or leave with anger.After turning around, Shanghai was full of anger.However, Wuyan and the others gradually felt something was wrong. They had just been robbing Shanghai’s fancy crystals and didn’t pay much attention to what they were on. When they reacted, their smiles solidified again, because there was a half of the top-grade Yuanjing on their bodies. Already spent.

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