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Three inexplicable forces hit the male servant.

The blood veins are completely fused together, it is indeed passed down by the same vein.Ling Xuan Yu was also very excited. Although there were many people in the clan, it was still very exciting to be able to meet people who had been separated for many years outside.Although I didn\’t know what Ling Xuanhao was doing before, at the moment when he heard what the two said, Shanghai\’s body trembled suddenly.Lingshen line…Could it be that these two are the inheritors of the spirit and spirit line?Shanghai was stunned. Originally, he was still worried about how to enter Yinzhou, but he did not expect to meet the descendants of the spirits of the spirits, and the other party personally verified him. This is too weird, but this is for him. That\’s a good thing.Brother Lin, can I ask you a few questions? Ling Xuanhao said here and explained: \”My fifth brother and I are descendants of the line of spirits, which is the line of the ancient gods you know. You also have the blood of the descendants of ancient gods. You must be our long-lost tribe. There is no doubt about it, but we still intend to ask.\”Well, you can ask. Shanghai nodded.I don\’t know where Brother Lin used to live? Where did you practice? Ling Xuanhao couldn\’t help asking.Standing aside, Ling Xuanyu looked at Shanghai expectantly.East Famine, Xia has always been in the East Famine, and I only set foot in the middle famine not long ago, and I came here to find my own life experience. Shanghai did not shy away, saying bluntly that if the other party is malicious, he has no chance at all. get away.Life experience… Ling Xuanhao\’s eyes suddenly lit up, and their expressions became more tense.Dare to ask the age of Brother Lin? Ling Xuanhao\’s voice trembled a little.I\’m twenty-eight years old, Shanghai said.Twenty-eight……Lingxuanhao and Lingxuanhao suddenly took a breath, and at the same time, the excitement in their hearts could no longer be concealed. Their faces were filled with excitement. At the age of twenty-eight, they reached the level of the heavenly master. In the line of God, it is also among the top.Third brother, sixth uncle left, it should be more than 30 years, this Lin brother is twenty-eight years old, then he is very likely…Although it is very likely to confirm, but first ask clearly… Ling Xuanhao said through voice transmission.Brother Lin, where do you live, and elders? Ling Xuanyu asked.The elders have, but they are all people who take care of me in the places where they lived in the past, and there are no people in the same line of spirit and spirit. Shanghai shook his head.

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