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In just five years, Shanghai has actually reached the level of the evil spirit, Ming Yuyan had to be surprised, although everyone has their own fate, maybe Shanghai may also have a great fortune, but how difficult it is to become the evil spirit No one knows better than her.

Second floor……The first time he entered, he passed the second floor?so smart?How can this be……The eyes of the collateral children showed a strange look. They entered the second level for the first time. They are nothing in the past, but in this generation, they are rare, only those who rank first. Can do this.Ling Xuanya also glanced at Shanghai in surprise.Haha! Eighth brother, yes, I entered the second floor for the first time… Ling Xuan Hao smiled heartily and patted Shanghai on the shoulder, but before the words were finished, the collaborator not far away gave a burst of words. Exclaimed, \”The second layer is lit, half, 70%…90%…full…\”When the word \”full\” was exclaimed, the faces of the collateral children were full of surprise, and the strangeness in Ling Xuanya\’s eyes became more and more serious.It\’s still rising… a collateral kid said jerky.In an instant!Everyone’s eyes were focused on the crystal pillar, and everyone’s heart was beating violently when the light on the third layer was rising. Everyone was thinking where the light would stop. , 20% of the third layer, half? Or about 70% to 80%?Ling Xuanya stared at the crystal pillars, and at this moment, he was also quite nervous. The first time he entered the self secret realm, he reached the third level. In the middle, only the Lingxuan Sword had done such an astonishing move.It\’s time to stop, it should be stopped…Everyone was thinking about it, but the light did not seem to be stagnant. It climbed all the way, from 20% to 90%. At the end, there was a pause. Just when everyone thought it was about to stop completely, the light suddenly Swiftly.The fourth layer…The pupils of the collateral children have widened greatly.The first time I entered the mystery of self, I entered the fourth level. This is too amazing. What is even more suffocating is that the light continues to rise, and the hearts of all people, as the light rises, pulsate faster and faster. Some even clenched their teeth, squeezed their fists, and stared motionlessly.At the moment when it reached the apex of the fourth layer, the light burst again, just such a burst, making the silent people completely boiling.Fifth Floor…Oh my God, it\’s the fifth floor.

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